6 Steps to Take If You’re Involved in a Car Accident

A car accident is a nerve-wracking experience. It brings trauma and emotions that limit your ability to think clearly. This could lead to making mistakes that reduce your chances of getting compensation from car insurance companies. Read on for six steps to take if you are involved in a car accident to protect your rights.

1. Check for injuries

After a car accident, the first thing to do is make sure that you and the other parties involved, including your passengers, are safe. If the accident is severe and you or other parties are injured, you should call 911 and request emergency help. Have someone else ask for emergency help if you are not in a position to call 911 yourself. Do not move if you are seriously injured until you get the necessary assistance.

2. Call the police

Whether you are involved in a minor or severe accident, you should ensure that you inform the police. Most states require that all accidents be reported to the relevant authorities. The cops make a detailed report on how and when the accident occurred and the parties involved. The police report helps your attorney from the Onder Law Firm establish a legal case if necessary.

As you wait for the police to arrive at the scene, especially if the accident is severe and there is property damage, refrain from giving your opinion about what could have caused the crash. The less you say regarding the accident, the better.

3. Exchange information

As the police assess the scene, you could exchange basic information with the other party involved in the crash. Some of the information you should obtain include;
? Names
? Address
? Phone number
? The vehicle’s color, type, and model
? Insurance information, including the policy number
? License plate number
? Driver’s license number
? Location of the crash

4. Document the scene

Keeping an accurate record of the incident can help protect yourself against a legal suit or fines and make an insurance claim. To document the scene, you should;
? Take pictures of the crash
? Obtain the names of all parties involved, including passengers
? Investigate the name and badge numbers of the responding officers
? Talk to witnesses
? Determine the time and date of the accident
? Request for a copy of the police report

5. Notify your insurance provider

Regardless of the accident’s severity or whose fault the accident was, you should contact your insurance company to notify them of the incident. Often, the impact of an accident is not apparent until much later. You or other parties involved may discover injuries much later and require compensation. The other party may also file a legal case against you and demand settlement.

6. Contact your attorney

Hiring a car accident lawyer is crucial as they help you file an insurance claim and handle all communication with the insurer to ensure that you are duly compensated. A lawyer can also file a legal case and represent you in a federal court when necessary. Be sure to provide a detailed account of the incident, medical reports, and any other documents that could help your lawyer build a strong case.


A car accident could happen to anyone and at any time. Keep the above steps in mind to protect your rights and get compensation. Ensure that you never flee an accident scene, admit guilt, or place blame in the event of a crash.

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Posted - 12/09/2021