Assistant US Attorney Michael Nadler Steps Down

Michael Nadler has officially stepped down. The assistant US attorney, who has made headlines for throwing some of Venezuela‘s biggest criminals in jail during his tenure, has officially moved on. The move is a bit surprising the some, and many who know him in the South Florida area are weighing in on the ramifications.

The official word is that Nadler is entering a new opportunity with a private practice located in Miami. He will be officially starting at Stumphauzer Foslid Sloman Ross & Kolaya in September. The move is bound to make headlines not only in the United States, but Venezuela as well.

Targeting Venezuelan crooks

Nadler became very well known for his focus on exposing criminal activity coming from Venezuela. Throughout his career as an assistant US attorney, he was able to indict cabinet ministers, businessman, Swiss bankers, and more with ties to Venezuela. His goal was to chip away a little bit to the over $300 billion of estimated funds stolen during socialist rule.

How successful was Nadler?

The loss of Nadler is undoubtedly going to be felt as they look for a replacement capable of going after big names with links to Venezuela. Michael Diaz Jr., just one of many defense attorneys who have litigated against Nadler, labeled him as a very aggressive prosecutor who always built a great relationship with others. He was able to get information onVery prominent names while also aggressively going after cases we’re going up against other federal districts.

His most significant success came in 2018, when Nadler was able to secure the largest judgment ever against a Venezuelan insider. Former national treasure Alejandro Andrade ultimately pleaded guilty to a role in a foreign currency conspiracy. He was taking hundreds of millions of dollars over time, and eventually was caught for this move. Nadler was able to land $1 billion in cash and assets.

There is another huge case that remains unfinished for now. A few months ago, Nadal was able to catch Colombian businessman Alex Saab, who has strong ties to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro‘s team. Allegedly, he is known as a frontman for Maduro, and he was traveling from Cape Verde to Iran when he was spotted.

It will be interesting to see how that case is handled with Nadler stepping down. It has the potential to be close to the Andrade case as far as cash and assets are concerned, but it is too early to tell if the same results will occur.

All in all, many believe that the United States has officially lost the most talented litigator working directly on Venezuela. He was relentless going after the most corrupt country in Latin America, and it is going to be extremely challenging for a replacement, or even a team of replacements, to step in.

Political ramifications

Some believe that Nadler stepping down could have political ramifications going forward. With a lot of progress made on taking down those obtaining wealth unethically, the process will be slowed down during an election year. Many Venezuelan and other Hispanic exiles living in South Florida became very upset with those with ties to the Maduro government spending money on real estate in the area. With the exposing of corruption slowing down temporarily, it could frustrate some voters in the swing state of Florida.

This could especially become true if they are indications that those with unethical money start to pour additional money into a real estate market that is struggling a bit due to the current pandemic. Some people are looking to capitalize on real estate opportunities again, but with unethical funds floating around, it could impact the market.

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Posted - 08/26/2020