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Can the state increase child support without the mother's consent?

I received a letter in the mail from the state asking for a possible increase in support. I am not behind and I don't think the mom has anything to do with it. Can they just do that unilaterally? What are my options?

Posted - on 02/20/2017 | Illinois

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Charles Dobra

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"Consent" is seemingly the operative term in this discussion. What is not expressed, is whether the mother is a recipient of public aid. If she is, she has "consented" to be represented by the IDPA, and its designated counsel. Thus, in fact, there is "consent", and the state would then have the right to have a support order conform to the statute's minimum payment requirements.

Posted - on 02/21/2017

Vincent Machroli

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Yes, they can do that, since child support is based on current income, so they have the right to know what your current income is - and if it's gone up, they have the right to then increase the child support amount. Since 1988, the attorney owner here has helped hundreds of clients who he resolved child support matters for, at a very reasonable cost. If you are looking for an attorney who has gotten successful results for people for 30 years, call our office to schedule a consultation. Law Office of Vincent C. Machroli, P.C. P708-449-7400

Posted - on 02/20/2017

Gerald Nordgren

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It seems likely that the mother made some contact with the state about increasing the amount of support. If not, they would need her cooperation to get the increase in court. If you received a notice of motion that the state would be requesting a modification, you should seek counsel. If you would like to talk, please feel free to call me, at 312-558-9100. Sincerely, Gerald Nordgren

Posted - on 02/20/2017