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Almost Three Million SchoolDude Users Affected By Brightly Software Data Breach

Brightly Software, Inc. announced on May 11, 2023 that the company had experienced a major data breach a month prior. After filing a notice of data breach with the Attorney General of Maine and sending out letters to affected users, the company provided several key details. The Brightly Software data breach investigation revealed that an unauthorized party had access to confidential data on the SchoolDude program for eight days, starting from April 20 2023. School district names, account information, and other data that compromises consumer privacy and security are all among the leaks. 

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Brightly Software Data Breach Information

The most recent news on the data breach comes from Brightly Software’s report with the Attorney General of Maine. According to this filing, the company first discovered the leak of SchoolDude user information on April 28th. They quickly removed the access of the unauthorized user, although there are no details as to how the breach happened. 

After securing the breach, the company investigated the compromised files to assess the damage. This involved informing law enforcement of the breach, as well as hiring data specialists to investigate the incident. After two weeks, the company sent letters out to affected customers as well as publicizing the breach with an official notice. 

The types of information at risk as a result of this breach include: 

  • name

  • email address

  • account access information

  • phone number

  • school district name

There are no complimentary identity theft services available for the breach. However, the main risks of this type of data leak consist of hackers using your account information to log into other accounts. Anyone who uses a compromised SchoolDude account should change their password on other accounts and follow the other steps outlined in this guide for victims of data breaches. 

More Information About Brightly Software, Inc.

Brightly Software, Inc. is a Cary, North Carolina-based subsidiary of German industrial giant Siemens. However, the company primarily develops software while also offering consulting services. SchoolDude is a major Brightly product that more than 7,000 schools rely on. Brightly Software has over 700 employees and generates annual revenue close to $138 billion. 

In all, the company is in a position to handle a great deal of sensitive information for America’s teachers and schoolchildren. If a data breach is partially the result of negligence or human error on part of the company, affected customers might be able to seek restitution in court. 

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