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  • What’s The Difference Between Murder Manslaughter And Criminally Negligent Homicide In Texas?

    Types of Homicide in Texas Homicide is the unlawful killing of a person. In Texas, there are four basic types of homicides: capital murder, murder, manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide. This article discusses the difference between murder manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide in Texas, which differs primarily in the mental state required to establish each offense. They are also distinguished in their punishment ranges. The difference between murder manslaughter and criminal...


    Posted by Benson Varghese 03/08/2023
  • What to ask your financial advisor?

    When thinking about estate planning, you may not realize how much a financial advisor can be involved in the process.  Many financial advisors will not take you on as a client if you do not have your estate planning complete.  Why would financial advisors turn down new clients over that?  It is because they have too often seen what happens when one of their clients does not have estate planning documents in order.  The result – assets tied up in probate court, families not ...


    Posted by Lauren Jackson 01/20/2023
  • Mexico's attempt to extend its continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles serves as a model for the international community

    Mexico's attempt to extend its continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles serves as a model for the international community by Warren Heaton Available at: ...


    Posted by Warren Heaton 01/18/2023
  • John M. O’Brien Receives Sacramento Magazine’s 2022 Top Lawyer Distinction

    The O’Brien & Zehnder Law Firm proudly announces its founding partner attorney John M. O’Brien as the recipient of Sacramento Magazine’s 2022 Top Lawyer designation. The award is granted every year for the accomplishments obtained through immense dedication and expertise in the area of personal injury. Lawyers highly regarded in the legal community are nominated by fellow professionals, undergo a thorough evaluation process, and are subsequently reviewed and awarded the Top Law...


    Posted by John M. O'Brien 09/15/2022
  • A college incentive provision, when to use it

    When clients are completing their estate plan and they have minor children one of the hardest questions to answer is what is the best way to leave assets?  I would never advise clients to give large sums of money to 18 year old’s with no restrictions.   So, what are some of the options that can be done? ...


    Posted by Lauren Jackson 07/13/2022
  • Katz and COVID-19: How a Pandemic Changed the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

    Wayne Unger, Katz and COVID-19: How a Pandemic Changed the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (September 14, 2020). Wayne Unger, Katz and Covid-19 How a Pandemic Changed the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, 12 HASTINGS SCI. & TECH. L.J. 40 (2020)., Available at SSRN:


    Posted by Wayne Unger 06/07/2022
  • Reclaiming Our Right to Privacy by Holding Tech. Companies Accountable

    Wayne Unger, Reclaiming Our Right to Privacy by Holding Tech. Companies Accountable (October 31, 2020). Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 27, No. 1, 2020, Available at SSRN:


    Posted by Wayne Unger 06/07/2022
  • How the Poor Data Privacy Regime Contributes to Misinformation Spread and Democratic Erosion

    Wayne Unger, How the Poor Data Privacy Regime Contributes to Misinformation Spread and Democratic Erosion, 22(2) Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 308-345 (2021). ...


    Posted by Wayne Unger 06/07/2022
  • A guide to the probate process in Illinois

    The probate process in Illinois is an unknown and confusing process to most individuals having to navigate it.  Whether the deceased has a will or trust and the assets in the estate will determine the path we take on how to handle their probate case.   If, after our initial meeting, we determine the probate process is necessary to distribute the deceased’s assets, the first step is for our office to file a petition with the probate court.  The purpose of the petition is to re...


    Posted by Lauren Jackson 05/02/2022
  • More than 147,000 Exactech Knee and Ankle Implants Recalled

    In February 2022, Exactech announced the recall of its knee and ankle replacement components. More than 147,000 units implanted in the U.S. since 2004 have been recalled due to a defect that can cause injury to patients. If you received an Exactech device containing Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) you may be at risk of injury from your device. Anapol Weiss is representing clients who may need revision surgery due to a failure from their Exactech knee or ankle implant. The re...


    Posted by Thomas Anapol 04/24/2022
  • Do I Need A Florida Car Accident Lawyer?

    Over 200K car accidents are reported in The Sunshine State each year. That comes out to around 650 per day. Unfortunately, Florida residents and visitors aren't immune to the huge impact that car accidents have on the state.   If you are involved in an accident caused by someone else, even one that may seem minor, having a car accident lawyer review your case and help you file a lawsuit is highly recommended.   The legal system in the state can be complex, and if you a...


    Posted by David Shiner 04/06/2022
  • How to fund your revocable trust?

    If you have had your estate plan drafted recently and that plan included a revocable trust, your job is not quite over yet.  One of the most important things must then do is fund your trust.   If you do not fund your trust, the trust document and all your estate planning could be useless.  Read more at: ...


    Posted by Lauren Jackson 01/23/2022

    Nora Jones has been selected as a Judge Pro Tempore for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Probate Settlement Conference Program’s 2021 Fiscal Year. Nora has served as a Judge Pro Tempore for the Maricopa County Superior Court Probate Division since 2019. Alternative dispute resolution, which includes mediation, settlement conference, arbitration, and other unique ways of resolving disputes short of trial, is integral to Nora’s practice. Nora and her team regularly participate in alternati...


    Posted by Nora Jones 11/23/2021
  • Why Does it Take so Long to Settle Construction Accident Cases?

    The popular belief is that construction-related lawsuits are widespread in the United States. There’s the running joke of an American’s favorite attire being a “lawsuit”, referring to the large number of cases filed each year in the country, many of them far over-reaching.  In reality, too many people still hesitate to make a claim for fear that their case will never be resolved. Or even worse, they worry that the other side will be bigger and stronger, eventually turning the ...


    Posted by Slawomir Platta 10/04/2021
  • What are Warning Signs of Discrimination at Work?

    Examples of discrimination at work may include some of the following examples. However, this is not an exhaustive list. Harassment can be a type of workplace discrimination. An example may be directing harmful jokes at a person for his or her sex, sexual orientation, race, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy status, veteran status or age. Persistent bullying or physical harassment could be a sign of workplace discrimination. Disparate treatment can be a workplace d...


    Posted by Brian Kesluk 04/16/2021
  • What to Do If Your New Vehicle is Defective

    One of the leading reasons why customers chose to purchase a new vehicle instead of a used one is to avoid mechanical problems. However, defects can occur in both new and used cars. If your new vehicle presents mechanical issues within the first 36 months or before the odometer reaches the 36,000-mile marker (the terms of your warranty), you may have a lemon on your hands. Auto manufacturers are notorious for doing everything in their power to avoid buying back (refunding) or replacing lemo...


    Posted by Brian K. Cline 04/06/2021
  • Common Car Accident Injuries

    Car accident injuries vary depending on the circumstances. However, there are a few common injuries that could affect you: Whiplash. Whiplash is another term for a neck strain, or damage to the neck’s soft tissue. In a car accident, whiplash can occur when your head and neck jerk suddenly due to force from a collision. Whiplash can cause headaches, stiff neck and shoulder pain and nerve damage. In severe cases, whiplash can also affect vision, concentration, sleep and mental health. Concuss...


    Posted by Daniel D. Horowitz, III 03/25/2021
  • What is the best way to leave assets to minor children?

    Please read at my personal website:


    Posted by Lauren Jackson 02/03/2021
  • How to Own Your Real Estate

    Real estate encompasses not only one’s primary residence but also other real estate such as a vacation home or a rental property. The ideal form of ownership varies depending on the type of real estate you own. Below, we take a look at the different types of real estate and offer advice about the best form of ownership for each. Read more at: ...


    Posted by Lauren Jackson 11/17/2020
  • Understanding the Details of Paragard IUD Lawsuits

    You may find Paragard IUD to be an empowering contraceptive. A medical provider inserts this tiny T-shaped device into your uterus, and the IUD offers you years upon years of effective birth control. Complaints by Users of the Paragard IUD The Paragard IUD is a non-hormonal, lasting birth control device. Paragard and other implants have now become the third most extensively used form of reversible contraceptive. However, females have testified serious complications both upon implantation as well...


    Posted by Admin 11/12/2020