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Console & Associates, P.C.: Mom’s Meals and PurFoods Data Breach Impacts 1.2 Million Consumers

PurFoods, LLC is the parent company of Mom’s Meals and announced a major data breach on August 25th. This comes from a filing with the Attorney General of Maine, which describes the findings of the PurFoods data breach investigation. Namely, an unauthorized party stole sensitive data from the company computer network in January and February. Not only did this impact over 1.2 million consumers, but it also compromised names, Social Security numbers, and many other types of information.

Those who the data breach impacted will receive a data breach notification from PurFoods, LLC. This will detail your compromised information, and you can use that information to protect yourself by following our Guide for Victims of Data Breaches. If you want additional guidance or are considering a PurFoods data breach lawsuit, call 866-778-5500 or send us an email to The law firm of Console & Associates, P.C., is always ready to offer a free consultation to consumer victims of data breaches.

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The PurFoods / Mom’s Meals Data Breach Timeline

The story of the PurFoods / Mom’s Meals data breach unfolds in the company’s filings with the Attorney General of Maine. This source describes how a cyberattack occurred on January 16, 2023, with an unauthorized actor gaining access to the company’s network. PurFoods and Mom’s Meals did not detect this suspicious activity until February 22, 2023. At this point, the company secured its network and hired third-party professionals to begin an investigation.

The Mom’s Meals data breach investigation confirmed that many sensitive files had been encrypted and stolen. By July 10th, the company had confirmed that over 1.2 million consumers had had their data exposed in the breach. Furthermore, it included many types of sensitive data such as:

?      Name

?      Social Security number

?      Date of birth

?      Financial account information

?      Payment card information

?      Driver’s license number

?      State identification number

?      Medical information

?      Health information


Handling the Fallout of the Purfoods Data Breach

If you were affected by the PurFoods data breach, you should receive a notification letter. This will detail which types of information were stolen, and you can use that to better protect yourself.

The most serious type of stolen data is your Social Security number, as malicious actors can use it to take out lines of credit in your name and hurt you financially. One key way to prevent this type of identity theft is by issuing a credit freeze with the major credit bureaus. Financial account information is a serious danger, but you can mitigate it by changing the credentials on your cards and financial accounts.

More Information About PurFoods, LLC

Mom’s Meals is a popular meal-delivery company that prepares and delivers ready-to-eat meals across the United States. Parent company PurFoods LLC was founded in 1999 and now has more than 805 employees and an annual revenue of approximately $54 million. Companies like these have a duty to safeguard consumer data and inform customers of leaks in a timely manner, but consumers didn’t learn of the breach until more than half a year had passed.

At the law firm of Console & Associates, our PurFoods data breach investigation is working to uncover negligence leading to this data breach. While companies are not automatically liable in cases of data breaches, inadequate protection measures and failure to inform victims can increase their liability.

If you decide to pursue a PurFoods data breach lawsuit, you could be entitled to economic and non-economic damages. With the law firm of Console & Associates, P.C., you won’t pay unless we win your case. Call 866-778-5500 or send us an email to to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

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