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Console & Associates, P.C.: PH Tech Data Breach Exposes Data of 1.7 Million Oregon Health Plan Members

According to a recent notice from PH TECH, a data breach has compromised the data of 1.7 million Oregon Health Plan members. Like many other recent data breaches in the health industry, this is rooted in a vulnerability in the popular MOVEit file transfer protocol. In this case, the breach has compromised information including Social Security numbers, personal addresses, email addresses, and much more.

If you were impacted by this data breach, you should receive a data breach notification letter soon. It’s important that you read the letter closely, as it will detail what information of yours has been compromised. By comparing that information to our Guide for Victims of Data Breaches, you can take steps to protect your identity from ill-intentioned actors. Consider scheduling a free consultation by calling 866-778-5500 or sending us an email to if you’re interested in seeking compensation through a PH Tech data breach lawsuit.

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Origin of the PH TECH Data Breach

Current data on the PH TECH data breach comes from a post by the company, “PH TECH NOTIFICATION OF A DATA BREACH.” It details the discovery of a vulnerability in the MOVEit file transfer tool on May 30, 2023. On June 2, 2023. PH TECH discovered that it had been impacted by the breach.


From here, the company took its network related to MOVEit offline and launched an internal PH TECH data breach investigation. Over the following months, the company confirmed that an unauthorized party had accessed its network and removed an unknown number of files. Further investigation revealed that 1.7 million Oregon Health Plan members had their data compromised, including sensitive information such as:

?      Name

?      Date of birth

?      Social Security number

?      Address

?      Email address

?      Member ID number

?      Plan ID number

By August 1, 2023, PH TECH had completed the investigation and begun sending out letters to victims of the breach. These letters detail the types of information compromised on an individual basis. If you receive a letter, read it closely to understand what kind of risks you face in the aftermath of the breach.

More Information About PH TECH

PH TECH is an Oregon-based business services company that helps administer health plans. This includes managing enrollment, payment, and customer service. The company has over 200 employees and an annual revenue above $50 million. As a company in the health industry, PH TECH handles large amounts of sensitive data that it needs to handle carefully.

However, this breach has resulted in the company losing sensitive medical data, SSNs, and other personal information of 1.7 million people. If you’re exposed to identity theft or medical fraud as a result of this breach, you might consider seeking compensation through a PH TECH data breach lawsuit. If so, you can count on the law firm of Console & Associates, P.C.

We’ll listen to your case, counsel you on your legal options, and help you find the right way forward. Your next step is to call us at 866-778-5500 or send us an email to to schedule a free consultation.

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Posted - 08/07/2023