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Console & Associates, P.C.: Financial Institution Service Corp. (FISC) Data Breach Impacts 750k

Financial Institution Service Corp. (“FISC”) has come forward as another victim of the MOVEit data breach. The wider MOVEit breach has impacted tens of millions of consumers, and the FISC reports adds 750k of its own consumers to that figure. While the original breach occurred from May 30 - May 31, 2023, FISC first filed a data breach notice with the Attorney General of Maine on 22 September, 2023. This notice discusses how an unauthorized party gained access to consumer financial account information, Social Security numbers, and an assortment of other private data. 

As the FISC data breach investigation has come to a conclusion, many victims are receiving notification letters. If you receive such a letter, you need to read it closely to know what personal information you’ve lost and how to protect yourself. You can take the steps we’ve outlined in our Guide for Victims of Data Breaches to protect your finances and identity. For further guidance, send us an email to or call 866-778-5500 to schedule a free consultation. 

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What Caused the Financial Institution Service Corporation Breach?

FISC’s filing with the Attorney General of Maine is currently the main source on the company’s data breach. According to this document, the breach originates with a day-zero vulnerability in Progress Software’s MOVEit file transfer tool. After discovering the breach in June, the FISC data breach investigation came underway to confirm the scope of the breach. 

Ultimately, it became clear that hackers had removed data from FISC’s MOVEit server during the vulnerability of May 30 to 31, 2023. The data is highly diverse, and the exact type stolen varies from each one of the 750k victims to the next. If the breach affected you, the following data types may be at risk: 

  • Name

  • Address

  • date of birth

  • Social Security number

  • driver’s license number

  • Alternative government-issued identification numbers

  • financial account and card information

  • phone number

FISC also reported that the following financial institutions suffered from the breach:

  • Hodge Bank & Trust Co.

  • American Bank Inc.

  • Farmers State Bank & Trust Company

  • The Cottonport Bank

  • Citizens Bank & Trust Co.

  • First National Bank in DeRidder

  • Lakeside Bank

  • Jackson Parish Bank

  • Heritage Bank of St Tammany

  • Concordia Bank & Trust Company

  • First Liberty Bank

  • RiverHills Bank

  • Gibsland Bank & Trust

  • Sabine State Bank

  • Bank of Winnfield and Trust Company

  • Homeland Bank

  • Crescent Bank

  • Marion State Bank

  • Peoples Bank

  • City Bank and Trust Company

  • Washington State Bank

  • Metairie Bank

  • Jonesboro State Bank

  • Anthem Bank & Trust

  • Delta Bank

  • Louisiana National Bank

  • Vermilion Bank

  • Security State Bank of Oklahoma,

  • Winnsboro State Bank & Trust Company

  • Plaquemine Bank and Trust Co.

  • Bank of Moundville,

  • Merchants & Planters Bank

  • American Bank & Trust Company

  • Bank of Oak Ridge

  • Resource Bank

  • Caldwell Bank and Trust

  • Citizens Progressive Bank

On September 22, 2023, the investigation concluded and the Financial Institution Service Corporation began sending out notifications to victims of the breach. If you receive such a letter, you should read it carefully, save it, and opt-in to identity protection services. After that, however, you should reach out to the FISC data breach lawyers at the law firm of Console & Associates, P.C.

More Information About Financial Institution Service

FISC began in 1969 when it began as the First National Computer Center. Since then, it’s grown into a prominent, Louisiana-based information services company. FISC services approximately 60 banks across five states and draws an annual revenue of around $20 million. Many of the businesses it services lost consumer data in the breach, and if you’re one of the consumers at risk, you now face the danger of identity theft. However, you can seek compensation for your lost time, money, and peace of mind through a FISC data breach lawsuit. 

Learn your legal options by scheduling a free consultation with the law firm of Console & Associates, P.C. Just call 866-778-5500 or send us an email to, and we’ll examine your case and help you decide if the courts are the right option. If we don’t win, you don’t pay for our services.

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