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Getting Rid Of The Bail System In California Can Be Detrimental To Our State's Finances

As a business owner within the bail bond industry, we've come across a very challenging hurdle which is better known as "Bail Reform". This article is going to cover and outline the major points that are involved in the California bail reform initiative. 

What is Bail Reform?

Bail reform was created to give certain individuals that are in custody for committing a criminal offense, a proper chance to protect themselves throughout the pre-trial system. 

This chance is better known as "Release on one's own recognizance". The issue that many Americans have in today's criminal system is the means to afford the prices for "Cash for bail businesses".

So by introducing bail reform, it will give individuals that have been arrested the chance of qualifying for release on their own recognizance without having to pay for a bail bonds company for their release.

Why Can It Be Damaging To The State Of California?

If the state of Califonia goes through with the OR system, more individuals will be released without having to pay for bail. With that being said, if the defendant does not show up to court on the set date they've been given, a bail bond forfeiture will be issued and an arrest warrant will be sent out. 

If the defendant isn't remanded back into custody, the courts will require for the full bond amount to be paid to the county. 

So who is responsible for this payment? Who is out of the entire bond amount if the defendant isn't found and remanded back into custody within the 6-month deadline that has been granted?

The Tax-Payers Will Have To Pay

Instead of holding a private bail bond company accountable and responsible for the release and appearance of the defendant for his or her court date, it will ultimately fall on the taxpayers financially. 

Typically if an agency bonds out an individual on a $10,000 bail and that defendant does not show up in court aka "skipping bail", then the bail bonds company will have 6 months to find that person and bring them back into custody.

If that isn't done by the deadline, the privately owned bail bonds company will have to fork out the $10,000 bail bond amount that they were responsible for! 

Keep Bail Alive In California

As a local Santa Ana Bail Bonds, we are pushing for bail reform to not pass in California due to the financial disasters that will follow! For more information, you can visit our official website at or reach us at (714)240-2245.

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Posted - 07/18/2018 | California