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How to Find a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer?

Finding a Baltimore car accident lawyer can be tricky. Yet hiring the best lawyer can mean the difference between a successful outcome and settlement after your accident. A car accident lawyer in Baltimore specializes in representing victims of car accident. You know you need a car accident lawyer if you can answer these two questions as “YES”:

  1. I was injured in a car accident; and
  2. The accident the fault of someone else.

If you answered yes to these two questions, then it is essential that you retain a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Randolph Rice can help if you’re the victim of a car accident. Contact their office today to discuss your claim and learn how they can help.


Statistics show that victims of a car accident receive 3.5 more money when they hire a lawyer after their car accident compared to people that don’t hire a lawyer. The insurance companies know victims of a car accident may not have the tools requires to pursue the claim to the end. That means filing a lawsuit and hiring the necessary experts to prove their case. People who don’t hire a car accident lawyer in Maryland will see that the process takes longer and the settlement offers will be significantly lower. Don’t be at a disadvantage after your car accident, contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today to get the legal help you deserve.


Baltimore auto accident lawyer Randolph Rice fights for his clients after their car accidents. And the best part is the clients don’t have to pay a single penny for him to pursue their claim. Their lawyers don’t charge a penny up-front and there is no fee unless they win. In most legal matters, the client must pay a retainer, but not the auto accident lawyer Randolph Rice. His team works on the claim and the client doesn’t have to pay for their investigation and claim filing. Have questions, contact his office today and learn about the no fee unless we win guarantee.


Baltimore car crash lawyer Randolph Rice works to ensure you get every penny from the insurance company and the negligent driver that struck your car and caused the accident. There are various rules of the road in Maryland that must be followed. Some of the most commons violated rules that lead to accidents are:

  • Illegal turns at intersections;
  • Improper U-turns;
  • Failure to yield;
  • Failure to stop to avoid an accident;
  • Speeding;
  • Following too closely;
  • Various violations of the rules of the road.


After an accident, you may have a lot of questions about your car and your health. Our Baltimore auto accident attorney Randolph Rice is here to help. He has aided thousands of victims after their auto accident in Baltimore. Let his experience with the Maryland insurance laws and procedure go to work for you. He knows how to make the insurance company pay you to dollar for your auto accident in Baltimore. He will battle to ensure you medical bills are paid in full, your lost wages are reimbursed and you get the money for the time and hassle you had to incur after the auto accident.


Stop searching and call today to speak with the “best car accident lawyers in Baltimore.” Attorney Randolph Rice is ranked by Super Lawyers, Avvo 10 out of 10 Superb and Lead Counsel Rated! He has secured $100,000.00 for his clients and will work just as hard on your case. Don’t negotiate with the insurance company, let our experienced car accident lawyers in Maryland do the heavy lifting while you recover and return to the life you had before the accident.

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