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Lawyer Up! Work Smarter, Dress Sharper and Bring Your A-Game to Court (and Life), T&G Press, 2017

This book is broken down into three sections – Inside, Outside, and  What NotToWear To Court. The sections areintended to be practical, inspirational, and humorous in turn.


The first section, Inside, is about getting your mind right and your head in the game. It’s a distillation of practical tips for lawyers to maximize their day-to-day work and tackle their long-term career goals. The five chapters of Section I break down the essential elements of a professional practice and healthy work/life balance. Additionally, each section is followed by at least one Sidebar with some practice pointers to achieve these bigger goals.


The second section, Outside, is the summary of research into how what we wear influences others and ourselves. As advocates for our clients, it is our duty to take advantage of every opportunity to present their position in the best lightpossible. As demonstrated by science, what we wear has an impact on judges, juries, opposing counsel, andourselves.


The final section, What Not To Wear To Court, stands in contrast to the first      twosections. It’s a gallery of pictures I’ve taken at Florida courthouses over the last few years. While it’s included to provide some comic relief, it’s not intended toridicule anybody. Rather, my intention here is to emphasize that what we wear to court can literally speak volumes; be sure your clients aresending the rightmessage.

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Bruce Denson
Posted - 07/13/2018 | Florida