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Mediation’s Most Significant Benefits During A Divorce In Houston

The Perks Of Having A Houston Divorce Attorney Handle Mediation

  • You know you are being taken care of by the best divorce lawyer that you can
  • Make sure they have a golden track record with positive reviews
  • Find out if they offer emergency services
  • Make sure they are local so you can get in touch with them when you need their services
  • Just because they claim to be "top-rated" doesn't mean they are.  Do your research
  • Make sure they are professional on the phone and offer all the services that you need
Should you be among those interested in learning more about the positive aspects of mediation for resolving family law issues, it is wise to contact an attorney with a background in mediation.

9 out of every 10 cases reach a resolution by way of mediation. I will meet with you in one spot while opposing counsel will meet with his or her client in another. The mediator will split time between the two sides in an attempt to reach common ground. Often, one of the divorcing spouses will introduce their starting position, as will the other. As mediation progresses, comprises can be reached until all outstanding issues can be deemed settled and an agreement can be signed.

Settlements that are reached collaboratively stand a better chance of meeting all parties’ objectives and interests than those that are the result of a judicial decree. Judges are essentially strangers to the unique issues in a case, and they have no personal stake in how things end. By engaging in mediation, you and your soon-to-be-ex-partner retain control of all relevant matters and achieve an outcome with which you both can live.

An additional benefit to mediation is the fact that once an agreement is signed, it is impossible for it to fall apart. The deal has been concluded, and the parties cannot undo it. In the end, the process produces significant savings in time and money, because the trial is no longer a possibility. The cost of preparation for a formal adversarial proceeding can climb quickly. Instead, it is possible to get to the heart of important matters promptly, reach an agreement and move on with life with your children.

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A Houston TX divorce attorney with John K. Grubb and Associatees will have the experience and know-how to craft an outcome that meets your needs and safeguards the interests of your minor children. Our team understands the difficult scenario you are facing as your marriage is being dissolved, and we strive to provide an unsurpassed level of client service to everyone we represent.

Not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of mediation when it comes to family law matters, and we are ready and willing to explain the finer points and guide you through the process. Divorce is never a pleasant experience even in the most amicable of situations, but by engaging in mediation, it really is possible for all parties involved to achieve the closure and financial protections they deserve.


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