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Console & Associates, P.C.: Tampa General Hospital Data Breach Affects 1.2 Million Patients

Tampa General Hospital (“TGH”) reported that roughly 1.2 million of its patients had their data leaked in a major cyberattack. According to a post on their website dated to July 19, 2023, TGH lists types of data leaked including names, Social Security numbers, various forms of personal information, and different types of important medical data. Upon completing its internal TGH data breach investigation, the hospital began sending out data breach notification letters to those affected.

If you receive a letter notifying you that you’re a victim of the data breach, be sure to read it carefully. It will inform you what types of your data were stolen. Learn more about your legal options in the face of this breach by reaching out to our experienced data breach lawyers at 866-778-5500 or send us an email to

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Timeline Behind the Tampa General Hospital Breach

The primary resource for details on the TGH data breach is the post on the company's website, “Notice to Our Patients of Cybersecurity Event.” It reports that the company detected unauthorized activity on May 31, 2023, at which point they contained the incident and began the TGH data breach investigation.This revealed that the company’s systems had been compromised as early as May 12 and as late as May 30th.

The TGH data breach investigation confirmed that an unauthorized third party accessed TGH’s network and obtained certain files from its systems between May 12, 2023, and May 30, 2023. In this timeframe, the third party was able to steal various types of data from 1.2 million patients of the hospital. The exact type of data stolen varies from person to person, but includes the following forms of personal information:

?      Name

?      Social Security number

?      Address

?      Phone number

?      Date of birth

?      Medical record number

?      Patient account number

?      Dates of service

?      Treatment information

?      Health insurance information

A few weeks after completing their investigation, TGH announced the breach and began sending letters to all of the victims. Each letter tells the victim exactly what types of their data have been stolen, which makes the letter an essential resource in protecting your identity.

About Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital, or TGH, is a primary teaching and acute care hospital for the USF College of Medicine. The hospital has more than 1,000 beds and 8,000 employees, and it serves 12 counties across Southern Florida. The hospital’s annual revenue is above $1.5 billion. With so many customers, the hospital handles vast amounts of highly sensitive data and is obliged to handle this data with care.

If negligence by the hospital contributed to the leak, then you may be able to pursue compensation in court. The damages from a TGH data breach lawsuit might cover your financial losses, as well as your emotional suffering and future risk to your identity. Call 866-778-5500 or send us an email to to schedule a free consultation with one of our data breach lawyers and learn more.

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