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Top 10 Things to Consider Before Representing Yourself in Divorce Court

Can you afford NOT to hire an attorney?

10. Consider Your Future
The outcome of a divorce is a court order that does more than just end a marriage.

The judgment and decree of divorce will also determine who owns your house, who owns your bank account, who gets your retirement when you turn 65, who gets your car, your personal property, and most importantly, who has custody of your kids, and how often you get to see them.

Some of the court’s decisions will be permanent. Some things can be changed, but only with time and certain circumstances.

It’s important to think of all the ways your divorce will impact your life, your children’s lives, and your finances, and be sure you understand how to approach each of these issues at every stage of your case.

9. Decide What You Want
What’s your goal other than not being married to this person anymore?

Would you like to be free to move across country?

Would you like to have all your income for yourself?

Would you like to keep living in your house and driving your car?

Would you like to collect alimony for the rest of your life?

Would you like to remarry and have your new spouse adopt your kids?

When you walk out of the courthouse on the day your divorce is finalized, what do you want life to look like?


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Jennifer Thompson
Posted - 04/16/2020 | Minnesota