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What To Know About Casino and Hotel Injuries in Las Vegas

With school out and the country in the middle of summer break, a vacation to Las Vegas can be a fun and exciting experience. Las Vegas can offer vacationers a myriad of entertainment including casinos, shows, celebrity restaurants, concerts, and even a Las Vegas Aces game. However, accidents in a hotel or casino are very possible and can result in serious injuries, which can completely change both your vacation plans, as well as your entire life.

If the hotel or casino you stay at is negligent for your injuries, they may bear liability of which you’re entitled compensation.  Besides the most common hotel injury, slip or trip and falling, the following are some additional common injuries in hotels and casinos where the facility may bear liability.

  1. In-Hotel Room Accidents: Hotels must ensure a high duty of care to their visitors and include a safe environment for customers. Unfortunately, precautions may not always be taken, and vacationers may be injured in hotel rooms, such as exposed electrical wiring, a malfunctioning tub, a balcony railing is secured properly, or décor not fastened properly; all these incidents and many others may result in an injury or even death.
  2. Elevator/Escalator Accidents: Elevators and escalators are wonderful ways to get to several locations within a casino or hotel without having to scale steps. However, these require proper maintenance from the facility, and failing to do so can result in serious injuries to the user. Some injuries can include falling from heights, escalators catching on clothing/flesh, and elevator doors closing on guests without proper warning. Most recently, on June 12, a widow of a man who died on an escalator in Sun Coast Hotel off the Las Vegas Strip in 2021 sued the hotel as well as its parent company Boyd Gaming, and the escalator company for her husband’s death. Her husband was on a moving escalator in the hotel while using a walker when a “hump in the walkway resulted in him falling backward and hitting his head causing injuries”. Furthermore, his shirt became stuck in the walkway which resulted in deep lacerations in the back of his head and ultimately his death [1]
  3. Chair or Stool Injuries: Hotels and casinos naturally offer guests plenty of chairs in all shapes and sizes to take a seat after a long day of walking and enjoying the Vegas strip. However, after years of use or improper use from others, these chairs can wear down making it dangerous to an unassuming customer. It is the hotel or casino’s duty of care to regularly check and inspect these chairs to ensure that they are safe for patrons and do not result in injuries. While it may sound trivial, a chair injury can result in one crashing to the floor causing sever back and head injuries, as well as hand and arm injuries if they try to catch themselves while falling to the floor.
  4. Food Poisoning: Las Vegas is famous for its casino buffets, as well as quick-service food options while gaming. However, it is important that food is stored and prepared properly, otherwise it can result in serious food poisoning for guests. This can result in discomfort which can ruin your vacation, but in some serious cases, it can land you in the hospital, cause serious dehydration, and in more serious cases even death.
  5. Casino or Hotel Transportation Service Accidents: Transportation services provided by the facility you are staying in can be a great way to enjoy the Vegas Strip as well as get to and from locations like the airport conveniently. However, it is important that your driver is taking the proper precautions on the road, and is not partaking in deliberately negligent activities such as speeding, driving under the influence, etc. Failing to do so can result in severe injuries to the guest, and the hotel and transportation service can be held liable for resulting injuries. Valet areas are another congested area where accidents arise, including being run over or hit by passing vehicles.
  6. Security Incidents: Vegas nightlife is infamous but comes with its risks, drunk visitors can become belligerent, and heavy tourism attracts thieves who attempt to break into hotel rooms. Hotels and casinos bear a strong duty of care to keep their guests safe, including security systems like locks on hotel rooms doors, security guards in place to guard facilities and proper lighting on hotel and parking garage premises. These details ensure hotel-goer safety and prevent attacks of guests on hotel premises.

If you have experienced any of the listed injuries because of a hotel/casino’s negligence you may be eligible for compensation. Do not let the fact that Las Vegas casinos are owned by large corporations and insured by large insurers stop you from getting the compensation you deserve. Hiring the right personal injury lawyers can help you understand if you have a viable case, and get compensation for medicals bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering due to the incident.

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Posted - 01/19/2024 | Nevada