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Why Should You Choose A Houston TX Divorce Lawyer That Is Board-Certified?

The Benefits Of Choosing A Board Certified Divorce Lawyer In Houston

  • Choosing a certified Divorce attorney to take the case you know that they practice that line of line and are familiar with the proceedings
  • You know you are getting a top rated lawyer in the arena when you check their reviews and get references
  • Most lawyers that specialize in divorce law and mediation can tell you a good outcome before they even enter litigation
  • Make sure they are professional and are confident that they are the best before you use their services

If you need a Houston TX divorce lawyer, then you should know that our firm’s founder was a board-certified attorney, and all our current associates maintain that status presently themselves.

Why would you pick a board-certified Houston TX divorce lawyer over one that doesn’t have board certification? There are many reasons why choosing someone board-certified could prove beneficial to you and your case.

More Education And Professional Experience

Becoming a Texas attorney who is board certified means that the attorney has to have been practicing law for a minimum of five years, and at least three of those years have to be dedicated to the area of specialty they choose. Fellow lawyers and judges evaluate them, followed by a 6-hour certification exam handled in a written manner. After all this, the attorney must continue being involved in their area of specialty and keep up with legal education courses approved by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Higher-Caliber Standards

Board-certified lawyers and attorneys must meet standards that show commitment to their particular legal field, as well as a continuing interest in keeping up with trends in that area. Simply put, board-certified lawyers have more experience and knowledge in specific areas of law when compared to a more general practitioner.

Robust Reputation

One benefit of using a board-certified Houston TX divorce lawyer over one who isn’t certified is more than just who passed a test or got a certification. The board-certified lawyer is going to have more experience in their individual field, which means they have established relationships with many other attorneys and lawyers in their field and area, so they gain notoriety among their many peers.

This all benefits you as a client because it gets you more experience, the right connections, and a reputation for success, hard work, and results that help your matter be resolved in your favor.


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John Grubb
Posted - 10/17/2017 | Texas