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I work tirelessly on behalf of my clients to bring their case to a resolution that works for them.

Loyalty. It's not just a word to Boris Djulabic. It is a way of life. Boris Djulabic is a principal attorney and founding partner of D&O Law Group. A first generation Croatian American – Boris grew up speaking Croatian at home and English in the Chicago Public School system. Boris grew up on the East Side, a working-class neighborhood on the far south side of Chicago cast the shadows of once-mighty steel mills. Boris often worked side by side with his immigrant father, forging a deep work ethic that is ingrained in him to this day. Boris attended St. Francis De Sales High School and learned the value of an education. Boris also developed a sense of loyalty to the city that raised him and set forth on a path that would forge deep ties to his neighbors. That sense of loyalty led Boris to accept the honor of being selected as the commencement speaker for a recent St. Francis De Sales graduating class.

After his years at De Sales, Boris attended the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana where he made many international friends and began to realize that he could use his education to help those around him. Inspired by a professor and his desire to help others, Boris decided to attended law school and enrolled at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago. While earning his Juris Doctor degree Boris worked as a law clerk in a premier personal injury law firm with deep ties to the community. Boris also served his community by clerking at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, where he was able to practice law under the guidance of veteran prosecutors. Boris knew from these early experiences that the path of the litigator spoke to him.

Prior to co-founding the D&O Law Group, Boris was honored to be appointed an Assistant State’s Attorney at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. Boris began his legal career helping others by handling thousands of family law matters in Chicago and throughout suburban Cook County. Boris enjoyed assisting countless individuals through parentage and child support issues.

Boris was soon promoted. His new duties included handling felony and misdemeanor narcotics cases. His responsibilities included handling cases ranging from possession and delivery of controlled substances to weapons offenses, traffic cases, property crimes, crimes against persons, and sex offenses. One of Boris' specialties is search and seizure law, primarily as related to narcotics offenses. Boris' work as an Assistant State's Attorney also included working with victims of crime, police officers and detectives reviewing cases for felony approval. He has also handled countless bond and preliminary hearings, motions to quash and suppress evidence and identifications, bench and jury trials. Boris developed a strong sense of comfort in a courtroom while working with opposing counsel and Judges at the Cook County Criminal Courts building located at "26th and Cal", many of whom have become close friends of his.

Realizing he could help people in other ways, Boris developed a successful real estate practice where he helps his clients make the most important purchase or sale of their lives; their home. Whether buying or selling a condominium, single or multi-family home, Boris always has the client's interests at heart. On behalf of his clients, Boris deals with lenders, title companies, real estate agents, and opposing counsel so his clients can focus on the benefits of buying or selling their dream homes.

Throughout his early life, formative years at college and law school, and legal career Boris realized that loyalty was all-important. He works tirelessly on behalf of his clients so they don't have to. Those who have been represented by Boris in real estate transactions and those that have worked with him in criminal courtrooms have experienced his protective nature. Whether you are more comfortable speaking in Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, or English, give Boris a call today and experience that loyalty first-hand.

Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Criminal Law Assault and Battery, Bribery, Burglary, Capital Offenses, Civil Forfeiture, Crime Victims Compensation, Criminal Antitrust, Criminal Appeals, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Defense, Criminal Forfeiture, Criminal Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Prosecution, Death Penalty, Drivers License Suspension, Driving While Intoxicated, DUI/DWI, Electronic Surveillance, Expungements, Extortion, Extradition, Federal Criminal Law, Felonies, Forensic Accounting, Forensic DNA, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science, Forgery, Grand Jury Practice, Habeas Corpus, Hit and Run, Homicide, International Criminal Law, International Extradition, Mail Fraud, Malicious Prosecution, Manslaughter, Misdemeanors, Money Laundering, Murder, Parole and Probation, Post-Conviction Remedies, Search and Seizure, Sex Crimes, Sexual Assault, Shoplifting, Stalking, Theft, Traffic Violations, Vehicular Homicide, Victims Rights, Weapons Charges, White Collar Law, Wire Fraud, Wiretapping
Real Estate Adverse Possession, Boundary Disputes, Common Interest Community Law, Community Association Law, Condominium Association Law, Condominium Conversions, Condominium Development, Condominium Law, Condominium Timeshares, Conservation Easements, Conveyancing, Cooperative Housing Association Law, Cooperative Conversions, Cooperative Housing Law, Easements, Historic Conservation Easements, Homeowners Association Law, International Real Estate, Land Acquisitions, Land Sales, Land Trusts, Manufactured Housing Law, Mixed Use Development, Mobile Home Law, Planned Unit Development Law, Property Management, Quiet Title, Real Estate Acquisitions, Real Estate Arbitration, Real Estate Banking Law, Real Estate Bankruptcy, Real Estate Brokerage Law, Real Estate Brokers and Agents Liability, Real Estate Brokers Licensing, Real Estate Brokers Malpractice, Real Estate Brokers Malpractice Defense, Real Estate Collections, Real Estate Contracts, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Errors and Omissions, Real Estate Exchanges, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Foreclosure, Real Estate Fraud, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Investment Taxation, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Real Estate Joint Ventures, Real Estate Leasing, Real Estate Litigation, Real Estate Mediation, Real Estate Partnerships, Real Estate Restructuring, Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Secured Lending, Real Estate Securities, Real Estate Settlements, Real Estate Syndication, Real Estate Tax Appeals, Real Estate Tax Assessment, Real Estate Tax Foreclosure, Real Estate Tax Liens, Real Estate Taxation, Real Estate Title, Real Estate Title Examination, Real Estate Title Insurance, Real Estate Trade Association Law, Real Estate Valuation, Real Estate Workouts, Real Property, Real Property Acquisitions, Real Property Development, Real Property Finance, Residential Real Estate, Residential Real Estate Acquisitions, Residential Real Estate Development, Residential Real Estate Finance, Residential Real Estate Foreclosure, Residential Real Estate Sales, Right of Way Easements, Waterfront Development


  • Illinois

Employment History

  • Prosecutor | Cook County State's Attorney's Office

    2008 - 2016

  • Founder/Partner | D&O Law Group, LLC

    2015 - 2016


  • Juris Doctor | The John Marshall Law School

    2005 - 2008

  • Bachelor of Arts | University of Illinois

    2000 - 2005

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  • Orland Park, Illinois, Cook County

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