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We know you are stressed, overwhelmed and afraid of what may come next. You dread each ring of the phone or knock on the door. We are here to help you.

Why choose me as your lawyer? This firm is not a bankruptcy “mill” made of up inexperienced or indifferent lawyers. You deserve better. I have practiced law since 1985 and find the most dangerous false impression is that bankruptcy is a “one size fits all”. The truth is exactly the opposite – it is very rare for one person’s financial and life circumstances to be the same as another. My goal is to customize legal advice to your unique history, needs and wants; all for a very reasonable price.

One of your first questions is probably “what will this cost”? We all fear the cost of hiring any professional. But, in order to answer that question I first need information from you. The information you provide will help me to diagnose any problems and and explain how best to fix it. This type of diagnosis and planning takes time and experience. Our initial discussion is free. I realize that price is important, but what is most important is receiving competent advice. Otherwise, you will have a miserable experience and waste a lot of money trying to fix errors caused by improper advice or planning. Remember “it costs more to fix a problem then it costs to do it right the first time“. Murphy’s Rule of Accuracy: When working toward the solution of a problem, it always helps if you know the answer. Corollary: Provided, of course, that you know there is a problem. Please note that not all problems can be fixed, but at least you will know there is a problem. My clients will tell you that my fees are very reasonable.

Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Arbitration, Bankruptcy Chapter 7, Bankruptcy Chapter 13, Bankruptcy Collections, Bankruptcy Mediation, Bankruptcy Reorganization, Consumer Bankruptcy, Creditor Bankruptcy, Debt Relief, Debtor Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, Insolvency, Liquidations, Personal Bankruptcy, Pre-Bankruptcy Workouts, Repossessions, Workouts


  • Arizona

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  • Lawyer | Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A.

    1991 - 2017

    I started my Arizona firm in order to offer those living Arizona the opportunity to talk to an attorney about their financial situation FOR FREE. My goal is to help folks find a practical solution to their problems - whether bankruptcy, debt settlement or just dealing with the phone calls. My web site has hundreds of reviews from our clients that help to explain how they were helped. I am very proud of what we have accomplished over these many years.


  • J.D. | University of Arizona, School of Law

    1983 - 1985

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  • Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County

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