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Kavon Adli founded The Internet Law Group in 2008 to service the needs of the evolving e-commerce, online advertising and lead generation industries. Kavon is a 1999 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall). As a Los Angeles-based business litigation attorney since 2000, Mr. Adli focused primarily on commercial litigation matters, including contract, tort, partnership, advertising and collection-related disputes. Kavon moved to Austin in 2006 to become the in-house counsel and marketing department manager for Find Your Customers, Inc. and its subsidiary 6 Star Ads, a leading consumer finance advertiser and founder/manager of AchieveCard prepaid MasterCard. As General Counsel, Kavon handled legal matters for 30+ internet websites and the card program, including all areas of legal compliance, employment/HR, contracts with advertisers, online and offline marketing partners, agencies and lead buyers, and the company call center. Kavon Adli is licensed in both California and Texas (active in California) and currently represents and advises clients located in a variety of U.S. states.

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Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Commercial Law Commercial Arbitration, Commercial Bad Faith, Commercial Constitutional Law, Commercial Crimes, Commercial Fraud, Commercial Liability, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Mediation, Commercial Torts, Commercial Transactions, Commercial Transfers, Commercial Trusts, Complex Commercial Litigation, International Commercial Arbitration, International Commercial Law, International Sale of Goods, Negotiable Instruments, Retail Liability, Sale of Goods, Secured Transactions, Uniform Commercial Code, Warehousing
Communications and Media Broadcast Applications, Broadcast Licensing, Broadcast Production and Distribution, Broadcast Radio, Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Station Transfers, Broadcast Television, Broadcasting Law, Cable Communications, Cable Franchising, Cable Programming, Cable TV, Cellular Communications, Cellular Fraud, Cellular Radio, Cellular Telephone, Communications Common Carrier, Communications Finance, Communications Law, Digital Communications, FCC Licensing, FCC Regulation, International Communications Law, International Telecommunications Law, Mass Media Law, Public Broadcasting, Radio Common Carrier, Satellite Communications, Telecommunications Competition, Telecommunications Contracts, Telecommunications Finance, Telecommunications Law, Telecommunications Leasing, Telecommunications Licensing, Telecommunications Regulation, Wireless Communications
Consumer Law Consumer Arbitration, Consumer Class Actions, Consumer Collections, Consumer Credit, Consumer Credit Compliance, Consumer Finance, Consumer Fraud, Consumer Litigation, Consumer Protection, Consumer Rights, Fair Credit Reporting Act
Intellectual Property Artistic Property, Brand Management, Chemical Intellectual Property, Electrical Intellectual Property, Electronic Intellectual Property, Industrial Models and Designs, Industrial Property, Industrial Property Rights, Intellectual Property Arbitration, Intellectual Property Enforcement, Intellectual Property Infringement, Intellectual Property Licensing, Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property Portfolio Management, Intellectual Property Procurement, Intellectual Property Prosecution, Intellectual Property Rights, International Intellectual Property, International Licensing, Internet Intellectual Property, Literary Property, Mechanical Intellectual Property, Medical Intellectual Property, Merchandising, New Media Law, Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property, Piracy, Proprietary Rights, Protection of Personality
Internet Law Content Licensing, Cybersquatting, Digital Signatures, Domain Name Infringement, Domain Names, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Taxation, Electronic Security, Internet Crimes, Internet Insurance, Internet Liability, Internet Licensing, Internet Litigation, Web Site Development
Media Law Newspaper Law, Publishing Contracts, Publishing Law


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  • Founder and Managing Attorney | The Internet Law Group

    2008 - 2017

    A national commercial law practice based in Los Angeles, California, with primary offices in Beverly Hills and San Francisco Bay Area, our philosophy is to provide quality legal services at a reasonable cost. While active in a broad range of practice areas, the firm focuses on the specialized needs of companies in the business of e-commerce, including but not limited to internet advertising, affiliate marketing and online lead generation, as well as corporate and general business matters. This allows us to provide tailored legal services for the rapidly-evolving digital marketplace, while maintaining highly effective representation for clients facing traditional business law challenges.
    The Internet Law Group is not your typical law firm. We pride ourselves on providing the care and personal attention that only a boutique law firm can provide. Our ideal client would be a small to mid-sized company that demands results, but that would prefer to avoid large firm rates and would rather not pay to educate its counsel regarding the fundamentals of its business.
    Trust in TILG attorneys to competently see a matter through from inception to trial, and continuing aggressively into the post-judgment collection phase. The attorneys of The Internet Law Group have handled cutting-edge click-fraud, email marketing, telemarketing, internet defamation, internet copyright and trademark, business tort, trade secret and class action litigation matters, and hundreds of contract disputes, often with complex jurisdictional components. We also regularly counsel clients facing civil prosecutions involving potential six and seven figure consequences.
    The anonymity of the internet can make it a haven for fraudsters who perpetrate their deception only to disappear into the night, often reinventing themselves as different entities and hiding behind misused corporate entities. The Internet Law Group is as adept at pursuing and bringing financial perpetrators to justice as it is at defending its clients.
    TILG enjoys an excellent track record for clients that seek our advice before trouble strikes. We have negotiated and drafted countless contracts, including affiliate/publisher, advertiser, data management, internet/email service provider, search engine optimization and hosting agreements, to name a few. We can also handle all of your corporate and business transactional needs ranging from forming a new business all the way through to the merger or acquisition of a new company.
    The four attorneys that comprise The Internet Law Group have a combined total of over 45 years of experience in private practice. We are distributed in three metropolitan areas of the United States and are licensed in five different states. We offer top tier credentials and educational backgrounds. Whether your matter involves litigation, transactional law, legal compliance or intellectual property, TILG provides exceptional legal services.


  • Juris Doctor | U.C. Berkeley School of Law

    1996 - 1999

    Member, Board of Editors, California Law Review

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  • Beverly Hills, California, Los Angeles County

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