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Michael P. Kushner devotes his practice to criminal defense, appeals and civil rights litigation. As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Kushner has successfully represented defendants in all types of proceedings, ranging from high-profile federal drug trials to simple prosecutions in the New York City Criminal Court. As an appellate attorney, Mr. Kushner has represented clients with issues ranging from inappropriate sentencing, ineffective assistance of counsel and discreet civil rights issues before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

As a civil rights attorney Mr. Kushner advocates for those individuals whom the police have violated either by excessive force, false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, or any other civil rights violation. Mr. Kushner has received favorable results for criminal defendants including outright dismissals of felony charges and acquittals after trial, suppression of evidence in criminal trials through written motions, and monetary settlements from the City of New York for violations of his clients' civil rights.

Mr. Kushner grew up outside of Niagara Falls, New York and attended college at Niagara University. Following university, Mr. Kushner attended the Vermont Law School and focused his legal training on all the necessary aspects to become a successful criminal defense attorney. This included three years of study dealing with the issues presented by false confessions and the video taping of confessions and the effective usefulness of scientific evidence in the courtroom.
It was a direct result of this training that allowed Mr. Kushner to successfully defend a man accused of sexual assault on a minor female in Brooklyn Supreme Court. The minor female claimed that the defendant had sexually assaulted her orally, however, Mr. Kushner's advocacy for his client brought the medical examiner from the City of New York to testify to the physical impossibility of this testimony, thus causing the jury to disregard the minor female's version of events and acquit his client of this charge.

Because of the limited amount of clients that the Kushner Law Group PLLC takes on, Mr. Kushner is allowed an advantage over most other attorneys in New York City: the advantage is the extra time spent on getting to know the client and the legal situation they face. It is this time which provides the additional legal ammunition that can be used when dealing with prosecutors, thus allowing him to obtain the result that is most favorable to his clients.

Mr. Kushner practices in all state courts of the City of New York, the United States District Courts for the Southern, Eastern and Western Districts of New York as well as the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. If you have been accused of a crime in any of these courts, wish to pursue an appeal or feel that your rights were violated resulting in a false arrest and/ or a malicious prosecution do not wait another moment, contact Michael P. Kushner at 718.504.1440 to begin to put justice to work for you.

Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Alcoholic Beverage Law Alcoholic Beverage Control, Dram Shop Liability, Liquor Liability, Liquor Licensing, Local Liquor Options
Appellate Practice Civil Appeals, Criminal Appeals
Civil Rights Civil Liberties, Civil Rights Defense, Civil Rights Section 1983, Disability Discrimination, Disabled Access, Disabled Rights, Discrimination, Gay and Lesbian Rights, Handicapped Rights, Human Rights, International Human Rights, Personal Rights, Prisoners Rights, Prisoners Rights Class Actions, Public Interest Law, Race Discrimination, Reproductive Rights, Sex Discrimination, Womens Rights
Constitutional Law Fifth Amendment Law, First Amendment Law, Fourth Amendment Law, Freedom of Information, Freedom of Religion, Media and First Amendment
Criminal Law Assault and Battery, Bribery, Burglary, Capital Offenses, Civil Forfeiture, Crime Victims Compensation, Criminal Antitrust, Criminal Appeals, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Defense, Criminal Forfeiture, Criminal Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Prosecution, Death Penalty, Drivers License Suspension, Driving While Intoxicated, DUI/DWI, Electronic Surveillance, Expungements, Extortion, Extradition, Federal Criminal Law, Felonies, Forensic Accounting, Forensic DNA, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science, Forgery, Grand Jury Practice, Habeas Corpus, Hit and Run, Homicide, International Criminal Law, International Extradition, Mail Fraud, Malicious Prosecution, Manslaughter, Misdemeanors, Money Laundering, Murder, Parole and Probation, Post-Conviction Remedies, Search and Seizure, Sex Crimes, Sexual Assault, Shoplifting, Stalking, Theft, Traffic Violations, Vehicular Homicide, Victims Rights, Weapons Charges, White Collar Law, Wire Fraud, Wiretapping, Drug Offenses, Domestic Violence
Government Congressional Investigations, Government Investigations
White Collar Crime Embezzlement, White Collar Criminal Defense, White Collar Fraud


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  • Juris Doctor | Vermont Law School

    2001 - 2004

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  • Brooklyn, New York, Kings County

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