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LV Criminal Defense was founded by one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas - as well as nationwide - Nick M. Wooldridge. Today, the firm is a preferred place to go to if you are accused of a felony or misdemeanor in Nevada. We handle any type of criminal case, no matter how small or big.

Nicholas Wooldridge has mastered his craft. A Las Vegas Criminal Defense lawyer, Mr. Wooldridge has harnessed the details of efficient client representation while his peers are still at the start line.

Raised in Nevada, Mr. Wooldridge reached the epitome of defense attorneys and knows the sweet spot where compassion is mixed with experienced and enveloped in technique.

Mr. Wooldridge has represented a range of clients. His client roster includes the Boston Marathon Bomber, international cyber crooks, and white-collar criminals. He also helps local, street-level criminals arrested on misdemeanor or felony charges.

No case is too big — or too humble — for Mr. Wooldridge to reach a successful and reasonable conclusion.

Mr. Wooldridge graduated from UN-LV in 2003 with honors. He then honed his skills in the canyons of Manhattan where only the best succeed. Mr. Wooldridge more than achieved — he made Manhattan, and New York City, his city.

A member of the Nevada State Bar, the U.S. Federal Bar and the New York State Bar, Mr. Wooldridge is also a member of a myriad of professional organizations.

Mr. Wooldridge:

• Is a graduate of Boyd School of Law — with Honors
• Was mentored by Lawrence Wishart
• Has established, and demonstrated, skill in global circles and cases
• Served as co-counsel for Azamat Tazhayakov, linked to the Boston Marathon bombings

Mr. Wooldridge has consistently validated his excellent qualifications, trial results and leadership within his practice areas which include:

• Sex Crimes
• Drug Crimes
• Violent Crimes
• Federal Charges
• Felony Charges, and
• White Collar Crime

Continuously rated as Nevada's premier criminal defense attorney, Mr. Wooldridge is most content with the recommendations his clients.

Contact us 24/7 at LV Criminal Defense, 400 S 7th St #401, Las Vegas, NV 89101, 702-623-6362

Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Criminal Law Assault and Battery, Bribery, Burglary, Capital Offenses, Civil Forfeiture, Crime Victims Compensation, Criminal Antitrust, Criminal Appeals, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Defense, Criminal Forfeiture, Criminal Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Prosecution, Death Penalty, Drivers License Suspension, Driving While Intoxicated, DUI/DWI, Electronic Surveillance, Expungements, Extortion, Extradition, Federal Criminal Law, Felonies, Forensic Accounting, Forensic DNA, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science, Forgery, Grand Jury Practice, Habeas Corpus, Hit and Run, Homicide, International Criminal Law, International Extradition, Mail Fraud, Malicious Prosecution, Manslaughter, Misdemeanors, Money Laundering, Murder, Parole and Probation, Post-Conviction Remedies, Search and Seizure, Sex Crimes, Sexual Assault, Shoplifting, Stalking, Theft, Traffic Violations, Vehicular Homicide, Victims Rights, Weapons Charges, White Collar Law, Wire Fraud, Wiretapping
Fraud Art Fraud, Automobile Fraud, Civil Fraud, Fraud, Identity Theft, Odometer Tampering
White Collar Crime Embezzlement, White Collar Criminal Defense, White Collar Fraud


  • Federal
  • Nevada

Employment History

  • Partner | LV Criminal Defense

    2015 -

  • Counsel | Bukh Law Firm

    2008 - 2015


  • JD | University of Nevada (Las Vegas)

    2005 -

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  • Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark County

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