5 Common Mistakes People Make During Their Personal Injury Claim

Any personal injury can throw your life out of balance by affecting your well-being, work, and personal relations. The stress you are confronted with may make you behave harshly, even toward your loved ones.

The pressure of being unable to work or conduct their lives as before, coupled with all the medical bills and other unexpected expenses, causes many personal injury victims to make many mistakes during their personal injury claim.

According to the personal injury lawyers at RileyCate, LLC, most personal injury victims can receive the compensation they deserve if they have the proper legal guidance, as many people don’t realize the implications of their injuries and what they are entitled to. Here are five common mistakes people make during their personal injury claim so they don’t receive the compensation they truly deserve.

Skipping Medical Treatment

Many people that suffer personal injuries sometimes avoid medical treatment, which could disqualify them for compensation. Minor injuries are often underestimated, so some people first disregard them.

Some of these injuries might become more serious as victims refuse medical check-ups. They might also miss follow-up appointments or don’t keep track of their medical reports and reports issued by their doctors, which are crucial in their personal injury claims.

Accepting Low Offers

Some people accept the first offer of the defendant’s insurer before their medical treatment is complete. This is a huge mistake as their medical treatment isn’t complete, and thus the true extent of their injuries and medical bills will not be covered in their personal injury claim.

They might receive compensation, but it won’t be fair. The defendant’s insurance company might try to shift all or some of the blame to you so they can hand out little or no compensation.

Since many personal injury victims accept a settlement or speak with insurance companies before consulting with a lawyer, they will lose most of the compensation they truly deserve for their injuries, loss, and emotional trauma.

Failing To Report the Accident

No matter what type of accident and injuries people suffer, many fail to report them to the relevant authorities. For example, victims need to call the police in a car accident.

A slip and fall accident during a workout needs to be reported to the gym management. Reporting accidents is crucial as it leads to gathering evidence, such as what caused your injury, when it happened, who was involved, etc. Police or accident reports will also be helpful in your personal injury claim later.

Making Statements or Sharing Information

Many personal injury victims don’t realize that the only people they should talk with after an accident are their doctor and attorney. You can give some information to your family and friends. However, making statements online or to the insurance company, can be used against you in your personal injury claim.

Not Getting Legal Representation

Not consulting with a personal injury lawyer is one of the biggest mistakes one can make during a personal injury claim. A lawyer acts in your best interest and will fight on your behalf so that you can receive the compensation that you deserve.

They can seek compensation for your injuries, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, psychological trauma, and more. Furthermore, they can help you in a lawsuit against the defendant if their insurer refuses to pay or doesn’t acknowledge your claims.

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Posted - 07/15/2022