5 Common Reasons People Lose Their Personal Injury Cases

Even if you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, that doesn’t mean a subsequent personal injury claim will be successful. You aren’t guaranteed a positive outcome with the damages you requested.
The average personal injury case can often be complicated, and various factors can contribute to its success or failure. However, these are the most common reasons for people losing their personal injury cases:

Not Hiring Legal Representation

With so many options for legal help for injury victims available, you might assume that everyone involved in accidents will find a lawyer to help them navigate the legal system. However, not everyone takes up that option.
Many people try to represent themselves and don’t always get the outcome they deserve or expected. Not everyone knows how the legal system works, or they make mistakes that contribute to a poor outcome. A successful outcome is never guaranteed through lawyers, but it’s often more likely.

Choosing the Wrong Lawyer

While you might know how important it is to hire a lawyer for a personal injury claim, that doesn’t mean you’ll hire the right lawyer. Some legal professionals are undoubtedly more skilled than others.
Read reviews, ask loved ones for recommendations, and browse testimonials on legal websites. You’re also within your rights to request a free case evaluation to ask questions and see if your chosen lawyer is the right fit. Otherwise, they might be the reason your case isn’t successful.

Documentation Issues

Managing a personal injury claim can be complex. A great deal of paperwork can be required to bring a case to a successful conclusion. Many people lose their personal injury claims due to incorrect filing, not filling out the right information, and not providing enough documentation to back up their claims. If you don’t have receipts for costs, it can often be hard for judges and juries to award damages.

Waiting Too Long

Recovering from an accident-related injury can be time-consuming and stressful. During this time, you might not be willing to navigate the court system. However, waiting too long can have a devastating impact on a potential case. Not only can the passage of time make it harder to remember key facts, but each state has its own statute of limitations.
If you wait until after your state’s statute of limitations has passed, you’re likely unable to proceed with filing a claim and holding the person responsible for your accident to account. You have been one year and six years to bring forward a claim before that option is no longer viable.

Not Being Truthful

Accidents can be stressful, especially when you’re injured and have medical bills and other costs to cover while not being able to work. Some people decide to misrepresent the truth or exaggerate their situation to maximize their potential settlement.
This is not always a wise decision when you must provide evidence for all accident-related costs. If a judge and jury can’t be sure of your trustworthiness and truthfulness, they may not award in your favor.
Being in an accident that wasn’t your fault doesn’t mean you’ll be successful in being compensated. Sometimes, people make these mistakes above that see them not getting what they deserve. 

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Posted - 11/09/2023