5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Truck Accident Claim

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Victims of truck accidents may experience enduring effects from their injuries. While they are typically eligible for financial restitution, the process is often more intricate than with regular vehicle accident claims due to the federal laws that apply to truck operators. The grave nature of their injuries usually prompts these victims to pursue higher compensation amounts.

This motivates transportation companies to vigorously contest each claim to safeguard their financial interests. Given that insurance providers will seize any opportunity to refute or diminish the value of your claim, it's crucial to steer clear of these frequent errors.

Ignoring Medical Care

Not seeking medical attention following a truck accident can result in your injuries not being formally documented. Receiving medical assistance does more than just back up your claim for expenses related to treatment; it also guarantees that your doctor documents all injuries, offering vital proof in the event of any disputes regarding your injuries. It's essential to see a healthcare professional even for slight injuries. Certain injuries may not immediately present symptoms and might only become noticeable after some time.

Delaying to Contact an Attorney

Insurance firms are perpetually on the hunt to slash or reject settlement amounts, especially in the aftermath of truck accidents where their attention is significantly heightened. Venturing to secure compensation solo following a truck mishap can be daunting, as it often means contending with a behemoth corporation and its cadre of savvy adjusters determined to minimize your payout.

The legal timeframe for filing claims related to truck accidents is also limited to two years in most jurisdictions. While this period may initially seem sufficient, vital evidence can swiftly vanish, and skepticism towards claims by insurance companies intensifies the longer the filing is delayed after the incident. Hence, it is crucial to prioritize contacting a truck accident lawyer shortly after a truck accident occurs.

Acknowledging Joint Liability

A common misstep among truck accident victims is conceding that they could be partly responsible for the accident or the resulting injuries. Following the incident, there's a risk of making offhand remarks to police, witnesses, passengers, or any other parties involved that may compromise your case. Hence, to safeguard your interests and potential compensation, you must refrain from admitting guilt or acknowledging any role in causing the accident.

Communicating with an Insurance Firm

Granting permission through a general authorization form allows insurance companies to review all your medical records. Among these records may be private details that could negatively impact your truck accident claims.

It's vital not to sign any documents hastily, as this could lead to the loss of valuable legal rights. Ensure a lawyer examines any documents the insurance adjuster provides from the opposing side. It's also important to refuse any requests to record a statement. Recorded conversations with the insurance adjuster can potentially be utilized against you at a later stage.

Sharing on Social Networks

Avoid mentioning your commercial truck accident on social media. Even with private settings on your profiles and pages, it's uncertain who might be observing. Refrain from sharing details about your injuries, the impact on your life, or your involvement in a truck accident. A post on social media could be taken out of context, screenshotted, and potentially used against you by the responsible party.


Making any of the errors above doesn't automatically disqualify you from receiving the compensation you deserve. Having a competent legal representative by your side can rectify and avoid these mistakes from the outset.

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Posted - 05/06/2024