5 Situations When You Should Hire a Crypto Lawyer

Crypto lawyers specialize in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. They have in-depth knowledge of how virtual currencies function and the laws regulating their usage. An experienced crypto attorney understands these currencies' legal risks, enabling them to direct or advise you accordingly. Outlined below are five situations when you should hire a crypto lawyer.

1. You need advice on regulatory compliance

The rapid growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has resulted in regulatory bodies creating guidelines for this sector. The fact that there aren't specific sets of laws stating which regulator is liable for what is a significant challenge. This has resulted in a pattern of rules and, at times, overlapping regulations. As cryptocurrency continues becoming more mainstream, the regulatory landscape is constantly shifting. When there’s a new, revolutionary sector, regulatory bodies usually fight to catch up.

However, once they do, they may impose all kinds of new regulations. Since interpretations may vary by the day, you may need an attorney who stays up to date with every new development and can customize their legal advice to suit you. With the help of a skilled and knowledgeable crypto lawyer from a reputable firm such as Montague Law, you can get the advice you need to ascertain regulatory compliance.

2. Smart contract drafting

A smart contract is a self-executing agreement with contractual terms between buyers and sellers jotted down into code lines. The contracts are kept and duplicated on the blockchain network, which makes them tamper-proof and secure. A crypto lawyer can help you draft and scrutinize a smart contract to ascertain that it’s legally enforceable and binding. This ensures their use complies with relevant smart contract laws and lowers the risk of legal problems cropping up from their implementation.

3. Litigation and disputes

Like all new disruptive technologies, there are usually unique legal disputes related to crypto. Examples of crypto disputes include:

- Crypto exchange bankruptcy
- Fraud accusations in securities law offerings
- Contract claim breach
- Cryptocurrency accounts getting frozen
- Class action lawsuit for consumer protection statutes’ litigation

Whether cryptocurrency disputes go to arbitration or court, you'll need a knowledgeable lawyer to fight/ argue your case.

4. If you fear a cryptocurrency scam has been committed against you

Crypto scams will likely be done in a company's ICO (initial coin offering). Common devices utilized to launder cryptos include gambling websites and cards purchased through brokers. Since these dealings are untraceable, cybercriminals can effortlessly make cryptocurrency transactions seem like legit income. Consider consulting a crypto lawyer before making any transactions for advice. They'll help you spot websites that seem suspicious as the ones designed to commit fraud.

An experienced cryptocurrency lawyer understands how to characterize these sites to determine if they're phishing websites, giveaway scams, fake apps, and more. If you suspect that you've taken a fraudulent action using cryptocurrency, contact a crypto attorney immediately to advise on how to get financial compensation or recover your assets.

5. You need advice on initial coin offerings (ICOs)

ICOs are fundraising campaigns where companies issue virtual coins to investors/traders in exchange for crypto. A cryptocurrency attorney can help you structure your ICO to comply with security regulations and laws and guide you on the legal effects of issuing virtual tokens.


While cryptocurrencies are becoming widely accepted, they come with legal risks or complications you should be wary of. Familiarize yourself with the situations in which you should hire a crypto lawyer to ensure your safety.

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Posted - 09/05/2023