6 Times You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly. Physical and mental injuries can linger for years and require extensive medical attention to lead to full and complete recovery if it's even possible. Don’t let another person who’s responsible for your injury get away with it. Hire a personal injury lawyer to fight your case and help you receive proper funds to rectify the situation.

If you’re unsure about whether or not the injuries you’ve sustained warrant a personal injury lawyer, we have six times that you will need an attorney to help fight your case. Keep reading to learn more.

Car Accident

A car accident can be physically and mentally traumatic. Regardless of the speed you’re traveling, your body is put through a level of punishment that you’re not prepared for. Whether it's whiplash, a concussion, a broken bone, or even PTSD, it takes a lot of treatment to fully recover from such an incident. Medical bills will pile up over the months or even years that it takes for you to get the medical attention you require.

If the car crash wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be the one who has to pay for the necessary treatment. A car accident attorney can help you to prove fault or negligence during the accident so that you can receive the monetary compensation that you deserve both now and in the future.

Medical Malpractice

Medicine is a practice, which means that physicians and health care providers are continually learning and applying health sciences to the preventing or curing of disease. That being said, accidents are going to happen because your body is unique to you. The same for another person. There are times where doctors can get careless or don’t consider everything that goes into proper medical care and you can be injured by a procedure or medication. This is called medical malpractice.

As the victim of medical malpractice, you don’t need to feel bad about suing a medical provider. Most states require practitioners to carry malpractice insurance because it’s understood that most doctors will face at least one malpractice lawsuit in their career. Get a lawyer to help fight your case and get the appropriate compensation.

Dog Bite

Being a dog owner is a big responsibility. Part of that responsibility falls on the owner should a dog act inappropriately and attack or bite someone. If you’ve been attacked by a dog, you’re going to need appropriate medical attention and will likely need to get a rabies shot. It’s your job to hold the dog’s owner accountable and fight to get the necessary recompense for the attack.

Keep in mind that a dog is a part of someone’s family, which means the owner will de-fend that dog to the best of their ability. A dog bite lawyer will help you prove liability and fault so that you are given the proper payment to take care of any medical attention that you require.

Slip and Fall

If you’re the patron or customer of an organization, it’s the responsibility of the organization to ensure your safety. Every company has the legal obligation to keep its property safe for all shoppers or patrons by taking reasonable steps to prevent injury. This responsibility makes them at fault should you slip and fall while on their property due to negligence. This can include liquid spills, wet floors after cleaning, or icy walkways that haven’t been attended to.

Should you fall while visiting a store, you need a lawyer who will help you to fight and win your case. A slip and fall lawyer will investigate the incident to put together a full argument and presentation on your behalf.

Work Accident

You spend more than one-third of your life at work with a full-time job. Between working hours, overtime, and commuting, you practically live there. Because of this, you should feel safe where you work. However, accidents do happen. The government understands this and has created the Workers Compensation Fund to help alleviate the costs that come with work-related accidents.

While the WCF is an excellent program, those who run it do not typically have your best interests in mind. It’s not uncommon to have to fight to get your full benefit for as long as you need it. For instance, you might suffer an injury that keeps you from working for the rest of your life, but Workers Comp eventually decides to end your benefits. If you had a personal injury lawyer from the start, you would have set a precedent from the beginning that you’re eligible for benefits for either retirement age or the rest of your life. A lawyer can help to fight and manage your case in this situation.

Defective Product

Prior to releasing new products to market, companies are required to perform rigorous safety tests. This is true with everything from cars to tools to toys. Unfortunately, a product will make it the market that has some kind of defect and someone is on the wrong end of it. Any injuries sustained at the behest of a defective product are eligible for some level of financial restitution.

Get a personal injury lawyer to help fight the company that allowed a defective product to go to market. These companies often have teams of lawyers at their defense, but a good injury attorney can help you fight and win your case.

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Posted - 05/14/2021