A Comprehensive Guide To Pursuing Compensation After a Drunk Driving Accident

Car accidents of any kind can be stressful, especially for the victim. When Alcohol is involved, the outcome can be disastrous. In this situation, it is crucial to take action as soon as possible to ensure that the issue is resolved justly.

This guide will provide easy-to-understand steps to ensure that you get damages paid and reparations achieved. Being involved in or directly impacted by the actions of a drunk driver can feel like a nightmare, but those feelings of stress and fear don’t need to carry over into the resolution process. The experienced team at Morris Law LLC is here to help every step of the way.

Take Pictures

If you have access to the scene where the accident took place, it is always important to secure documentation regarding what happened. Use your smartphone or camera to take clear pictures that show where the impact occurred and the damage that was done to both cars.

Injuries and bodily harm sustained as a result of the accident should also be documented. If you decide to file a claim, doing this will allow you to show proof of damages to your insurance company and in court and allow for a proper ruling on how much compensation for damages you are entitled to receive.

Settle With Insurance

No matter how severe the accident was, it is crucial to consult with your insurance company about any damages to the vehicle or bodily harm. If the perpetrator of the crime also has insurance (which every state requires), you have the option to file a third-party claim against them. This claim can result in a payout and a personal injury settlement.

Many accidents involving drinking and driving are often settled before claims are taken to court, depending on the nature of the incident. Insurance companies would prefer to keep these incidents outside of the courtroom and avoid legal battles altogether. This settlement could result in satisfying compensation for victims.

Hire a Lawyer

Getting a professional to help during the aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be the deciding factor in whether or not justice is served. Drinking and driving is a crime, so it only makes sense to reach out to someone in the legal field for help.

Many lawyers across the United States specialize in helping clients who have been involved in this kind of accident, so it might be worth researching to find the right fit for your case. Even if you feel that you are guaranteed to win a lawsuit, hiring a lawyer will help to ensure that you are properly compensated.

Why Should You Receive Compensation?

There are many reasons for receiving compensation after a drunk driving accident. In many cases, it is not only something you should want but something you might need after the dust has settled. For example, you could use the money obtained in a settlement to pay for medical expenses. Injuries sustained could be critical, and the cost of care could be expensive.

You could also use compensation to pay for a new vehicle. Many people depend on their cars to make a living, and if it is totaled in a drunk driving accident, they might struggle to earn a sustainable income for some time. The money might also help people pay for a rental car and allow them to keep driving until their car gets fixed, or they can find a new one.

On a related note, if a victim of a drunk driving accident finds they are unable to work due to sustained injuries, settlement money allows them to pay their bills without worrying about a lack of income in the time it takes them to recover.

If property other than a vehicle is damaged in the accident, compensation will also help the victim recover those losses.

Drunk driving accidents can cause both physical and mental suffering to everyone involved. Because of this, compensation for damages is often necessary for helping those affected get back on their feet and move on from dealing with the issue.

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Posted - 11/07/2022