GM Lemon Law For General Motors Vehicles In California

GM, or General Motors, is the leading automobile manufacturer in the United States with marquee brands that include Buick, Cadillac, Chevy and GMC. It sold just over 10 million vehicles in 2016. GM has positioned itself in the United States as an automotive giant well over two decades.

General Motors, a division of the Ford Motor Company, offers basic, power train, and emissions warranties on new vehicles purchased in California. Coverage continues after the warranty expires. If your new car, used, leased, or purchased vehicle has been deemed a lemon by the company's technicians and repairs were completed during the warranty period, though it may have otherwise been working normally, it could qualify as a lemon.

General Motors requires a required return, replacement, or reimbursement, either individually or collectively. When finalizing any settlement, it's generally best to have a legal specialist at hand to guarantee your rights are protected. The release they ask you to sign is a legally binding agreement and should not be entered without legal guidance.

Common GM Vehicle Defects

GM is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world. That, of course, does not mean all their vehicles are perfect. Any auto manufacturer has defects. Mistakes in manufacturing, a problem with the supplier's product, design flaws, a machine's error by millimeters, a plant-wide issue: any number of these things can make a GM a lemon.

These common issues with GMs are:
- Transmission problems
- Airbag issues
- Fuel tank overflow
- HVAC system issues
- Fuel pump issues
- Speedometer not working correctly
- Loud clunking noises from the engines
- Sputtering
- Stalling

GMs are known for safe cars and their vehicles boast outstanding security attributes, but they have faced many voluntary recalls throughout the years for different safety and security factors.

What number would be considered a reasonable amount of GM repair attempts?

In California, the manufacturer of GM cars is only entitled to a fixed number of repair attempts before starting its lemon law process. The criteria for what forms a reasonable number of repair attempts to vary by state. In the state of California, the scenarios listed below describe what constitutes an acceptable number of attempts at repair. At least one of the following must happen:
- Two or more attempts for issues that could cause death or serious injuries.
- Four or more attempts will be made for non-threatening issues.
- 30 days (total) of the automobile being out of service because of problems.

Is my GM Car a Lemon?

Lemon law presumption is a set of criteria a motor vehicle must meet to be presumed a lemon in a court of law. These regulations can differ between states.In California, the first step in the GM Lemon Law is determining whether your vehicle is a lemon. There are certain considerations if the recall applies to your car, but, generally speaking, these standards apply to all vehicles considered lemons.

If you own a leased or owned GM car that carries the Chevy Shake or another significant issue, you may be driving a lemon. Unless you speak to a trained lemon law lawyer, it can be hard to decide if your car qualifies for a lemon law claim.

If you own a brand-new GM vehicle, the repair has to be completed by a repair center that is willing to spend large time, effort, and resources on fixing it. The engine, suspension, bodywork, and electronics all must be repairable. These flaws have an impact on your car's value, use, safety, and ease of use.

Typically, large defects:
- Diminish the value of the vehicle.
- Place the driver and others in danger.
- Prevent you from driving the vehicle as it was intended to be driven.

Even if your vehicle's issue isn't safety-related, California lemon laws can still run.

If your car has been out of service for repair for several cumulative days and not fixed, it could be lemon, regardless of the nature of the auto's problems. Lemon issues can include engine problems to rear camera malfunctioning.

If you are covered under a Chevrolet warranty, a GMC warranty, or a Cadillac warranty at the time of repairs, you could still be protected by state and federal lemon laws.

Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney

It is important to keep in mind when matching up against the large auto firm that is notorious for being in and out of court often that you are better served securing the services of the best lemon law advocate available.

A large part of vehicle manufacturers overuse attorneys specializing in lemon law, and you should consider doing the same. If you need a GM car with transmission troubles or other problems.

Facing a lawsuit as a GM manufacturer can prove difficult. Though if your GM is deemed a lemon, the manufacturer may try to assert credibility in court. In that case, it is fundamental to have a strong, knowledgeable support team on your side. To find out if you have a valid claim under the California Lemon Law, contact a California Lemon Law attorney today for a free case evaluation.

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Posted - 11/16/2022