Have You Been Framed In A Drug Charge: Here Are The Top Legal Remedies

Are you framed for drug charges? Do you know what to do? If yes, then you have to seek the assurance of the best criminal defense lawyer who can help you in this case. If you are charged with drug crime by the prosecutor by the local state and the federal prosecutor, you have to face the legal challenges of your counterpart.

There are several factors that you need to know when you are charged with the drug charge cases. Now, you have to admit one thing that you are not a professional drug lawyer to help yourself out from this case successfully. You need legal assistance to get out of this situation.

Top Legal Remedies To Get Out Of Drug Charges 

Several legal remedies are there to get out of the legal charges from the drug cases. Therefore, let’s explore the facts that can help you achieve your objectives better.

1. Unlawful Search & Seizure

In drug cases, the search and the seizure cases are pretty standard. In the fourth amendment, the US government has passed the bill that the convict must be free from searches and seizures, and they are unreasonable. You can take the help of courts in Gwinnett County to get rid of such cases.

The right of the police is limited in these types of cases as without proper documents from the court; police have no right to search for the individual’s property. Now, if the officer makes an illegal search of the property of an individual and if any evidence is obtained in that search, then the police cannot produce that evidence at the time of trial.

2. Lack Of Possession

If the police arrest you for drug cases, you must not make any self-incriminating statements to the police unless asked any questions. Ensure that you have made the right choices from your end while making the statements in your favor towards the police.

You can seek the help of the drug attorney, in this case, to make yourself prepared for the case in all possible means. Do not do anything silly that can go against you at the time of the trial. The more you can make the right decision, the better you can achieve your objectives.

3. Entrapment

Sometimes the law enforcement officers force an individual to commit a crime that they have not committed from their end willingly if they are not forced to do that. Obey the directives of your attorney before the trial in court.

You have to prepare plans that can save your stand in court regarding the drug charges. You have to prepare yourself mentally before you appear in court. Do not fall into the trap of the other party trying to misguide you in the court. 

4. Proof OF Substance

Just because the police say that the substance they have obtained from their search seems like cocaine or any kind of drug, it does not mean that they are supplying that. The police have to give proof scientifically that it is cocaine or drugs of any kind.

Unless the police can confirm it, you are just a convict, not a criminal. You cannot make any mistakes in this case out of your anxiety or fear of getting the decision against your favor. Ensure that you do not break the law of the land in any situation that can harm you later in the case.

5. Proof Of Knowledge Or Intent

The drug charges against you will be dropped if the state cannot prove the fact in the city that you intentionally possess this drug. The police or the state have to prove your intent for consuming the drug.

Without proving the intent, the court cannot accuse you of keeping the drug. Proper planning can help you to achieve your objectives in the right way.


Hence, if you want to win the case of your drug charges, then you must keep these things in mind. It will help you to achieve your objectives fruitfully. The more you can follow your lawyer’s guidelines, the better your chances to win the case. 

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Posted - 05/26/2021