Hiring a Washington Car Accident Attorney to Deal with Insurance Companies

No one wants to be in a car accident, but sometimes, you just can’t avoid one. When it happens, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed and confused. Things become even more complicated when it happens in Washington state; not just because of the laws, but also because insurance companies can sometimes be quite aggressive. This is why it’s beneficial to hire a professional attorney to ensure you don’t end up making common mistakes when dealing with insurance companies.

More About Washington Car Accident Laws

While you may think you can manage things on your own, navigating through the complex web of car accident laws in Washington can be difficult. That’s mainly because Washington is a “fault” state regarding car accidents. It means that only the guilty party has to pay damages to the other party.

This is quite in contrast to “no-fault” states where insurance companies pitch in and have to pay for each driver irrespective of who caused the accident. Therefore, you should not take things lightly and let an experienced Washington car accident attorney take care of everything.

Hiring an attorney makes sense because you have to carry at least $25,000/person in bodily injury liability coverage in Washington. Naturally, it’s not going to be enough in case of a serious accident. This is when your attorney can deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

Mistakes to Avoid When Interacting with Insurance Companies

You may feel tempted to handle your claim after an accident, but this may put you in trouble. Here are some common insurance-related mistakes that suggest why it’s important to have a legal representative on your side.

Admitting Fault

Even if you think you’ve been at fault, it’s better to keep quiet and not say anything to insurance companies or the other driver. Not paying heed to this can undermine your ability to recover any compensation. Since Washington has a “pure comparative negligence” rule, it’s better to let your attorney do the talking.

Recording a Statement

It’s common for insurance adjusters to force you into giving a statement right after an accident. Be sure to decline the request. You just never know how the other party would use your statement in court. The better idea is to contact your attorney and record any statement only after their advice.

Accepting the Settlement Offer

Many people make the mistake of accepting the very first settlement offer they receive from insurance companies. You have to understand that they run a business and do whatever they can to make you settle for the lowest compensation. You should always hire an attorney because they are in a better position to analyze your situation and study your case to determine the most suitable compensation for your losses.

Additional Reasons for Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Hiring an attorney is in your best interest because they have the experience and resources to investigate the accident. They can gather all the evidence and injury documentation, such as witness statements, police reports, and expert opinions to ensure you have a strong case.

With all the information at their disposal, they’re always better positioned to negotiate with insurance companies. Since insurance companies have lawyers and adjusters on their panel, they go the extra mile to minimize payouts. Having an attorney with you helps level the playing field.


Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be quite overwhelming, but you can make the process easier with the help of a professional attorney in Washington. They know the state’s laws and avoid common mistakes when approaching insurance companies. Having them by your side means you can have your focus on recovery while the pros do everything in their power to help you receive fair compensation. 

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Posted - 07/08/2024