How Can Your Divorce Lawyer Help You with Child Custody and Visitation?

Divorce is a complicated legal issue, and it involves a lot of mental exhaustion, especially when it has a contention about child custody. Custody implies the legal right of a parent to keep the child.

If you and your partner reach a middle ground on child custody and visitation, then it's good for you and your child. But if you fail to reach an agreement, it's best to take the help of a divorce attorney to settle the matters. Here are some ways how your divorce lawyer can help you with your child's custody and visitation.

Inform You of Your Parental Right

There are several laws regarding child custody, and you might not be familiar with all of them. Consulting a divorce attorney will help you understand your legal rights as a parent. They will tell you about your legal position and the responsibilities of being a custodial parent. Also, you will learn the best course of action for the debate. Whether it requires discrediting your former spouse or finding faults in your marriage that point to your ex-partner’s promiscuous behavior, the lawyer can decide what works best for your case.

Estimate About Child Support Payment 

Even after the separation, both the parents are responsible for taking care of the child. The non-custodial parent is bound to pay a certain amount for the child's maintenance.
Your lawyer can help determine the amount you can receive or pay under the state child support guidelines. This calculation will be based on you and your partner's gross income. Legal representation will help your child get a fair amount for his/her basic needs, education, medical bills, and other expenses.

Develop A Legal Strategy

Child custody cases are heard by family courts that make the child's interest their top priority. Your lawyer can help prepare a custody request that will prove that your child's best interest lies in residing with you if that's what you want. They can establish pertinent evidence like your child's wish, your strong emotional bond, and the suitability of your home environment to make your custody petition stronger.

Your Visitation Rights 

If you are a non-custodial parent, you can take the child with you only with the custodial parent's consent. Your lawyer will help make a visitation schedule so that you can meet your child.
If your ex-partner refuses you to meet your child, you can present your side with the help of your lawyer. Visitation rules are complicated, and violation can have profound implications; a divorce attorney will help you understand these rules.

Acquire Custody or Visitation Rights For Grandparents

Your divorce lawyer can also help obtain visitation rights for your parents. Though there is no federal law regarding grandparents' visitation, your lawyer can still help you with this. They will show that it's in the child's best interest, and if the visitation is denied, it will affect the child emotionally.
With a divorce attorney, your chances of getting the resolution you expect are stronger. Your emotions are kept under control so that you don't make any impulsive decisions, which would negatively impact your case. 

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Posted - 02/24/2021