How to Beat a Simple Assault Charge: Best Defense Options for Simple Assault Charge

Being charged with an assault charge could be devasting for your career as well as your personal life. Acting in a moment of rage, even when you intended no harm, could get you charged with a simple assault charge. However, you can avoid having your life ruined by one bad decision with a few options.

Below we have listed some plea options that may help you out.

What is a Plea Agreement?

A plea agreement is also referred to as a plea bargain. In a plea, you confess your crime and admit that you are guilty of the accusation. These pleas are highly encouraged in any court as it helps them in saving time and cost by avoiding a lengthy trial.

However, pleading guilty in a court is not only beneficial for the court, but it also offers benefits to the accused especially in charges like a simple assault.

Benefits of Plea Agreements

If as a first-time offender, you plea guilty to a simple assault charge, it could result in a reduced jail sense. The benefits surely vary depending on the circumstances of your case, but you are most likely to receive an advantage by pleading guilty in court.

If your record is clean and the circumstances of your case are not severe, then you may avoid jail time altogether. Sometimes, when several changes are included in your case, then a plea agreement could also help you get rid of some of the related charges, which will ultimately result in lesser punishment.

What is Simple Assault?

A simple assault charge is the least serious charge that a person could be charged with. One can be charged with simple assault in only two scenarios:

First, when you indulge in a threatening act and threaten someone with your words, or actions that led the other person to believe that you have intentions to harm them

The second is a failed battery. When you attempt to harm someone but failed in your attempt, then you could be charged with a simple assault

However, in either of the case, you actually harm someone physically, then you will be charged with a severe charge. Being charged with simple assault means that you didn’t actually hurt someone but tried to or had the intentions to.

Plea with No Jail Time

In the best-case scenario, you will receive no jail time. In this type of plea agreement, you will receive a deferred sentence and will be given probation. Unless you engage in some wrongful activities during your probation, you will not go to prison.

Chances are, you may receive no conviction on your record. However, it is only a possibility. This is only possible when you have a clean record and the circumstances of your case were not severe.

Plea with Some Jail Time

Another possible scenario is a reduced jail sentence in which you may receive some jail time. As we have discussed, a plea agreement could help you get lesser punishment if you agree to your crime and also shows sincere regret.

Individuals with a prior criminal record and severe circumstances of the case are less likely to be offered a plea with no jail time.

Plea to Other Charges

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you can also be charged with different charges along with a simple assault. In this scenario, it is in your best interest to plea guilty regarding one or more crimes. If you do so, the judge may drop one or more charges against you.

Consult a trusted criminal defense attorney to improve your chances

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Posted - 03/25/2022