How to Enable a Find My Phone Feature for Your Kids’ Devices – Steps to Take

When your child has their own phone, new concerns arise. Not only are you worried about them being harassed by strangers online, but you may also fear that your little one will lose the device or have it stolen. You have to be prepared for everything. How do you find your child’s stolen or lost phone? This post will tell you how to use the Find My Phone feature and get the phone back.

What Are the Reasons for Tracking Your Kids’ Phones?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘’Should Parents Track Their Child’s Location’’? Tracking a child’s phone is an idea that many parents consider. Because kids have access to a lot of content and information through their smartphones, their safety becomes a concern. So, even though others may say it’s a violation of privacy, protective parents decide to do what they think is best for their little ones. For example, an app like Eyezy can allow them to find their kids’ phone locations accurately.

Here are some of the top reasons for parents to track their kids’ phones:
- Emergencies where the children are in danger.
- Making sure they don’t go to dangerous locations.
- Ensuring that the child isn’t getting bullied or harassed online.
- Preventing the child from using bad apps or accessing specific content.

Find My Phone Feature for Android and iPhone Users

Tracking features like Find My Phone can be very useful. Not only do they help you see the location of your child’s phone when it’s stolen or lost, but they also let you monitor their location. Here’s how this feature works depending on your operating system:

Find My for iPhone Users

iPhones have the Find My feature that lets you quickly locate another iOS device. If your child has an iPhone, use these steps to track it:
1. Go to Find My on your child’s phone.
2. Choose “People” and tap on “Start Sharing Location.”
3. Insert your phone number and tap “Send.”
4. Choose “Share Indefinitely.”
5. Go to your phone’s Find My and check your child’s location.

You can use this tracking feature even without an Internet connection. However, your child may be aware of the tracking and turn it off.

Find My Device for Android Users

When your child has an Android phone, you can track it using the Find My Device option. Here’s how you can do it:
1. Log into a Google account on your child’s phone.
2. Go to Find My Device and log into the same account.
3. This will show you your child’s location on Google Maps.

The cool thing about this feature is that your child will not know they’re being tracked. However, the location is not always accurate, not to mention that the device needs to be connected to the Internet all the time for the tracking to work.

Pros & Cons of Tracking Your Child’s Phone

Tracking your child’s phone has some benefits and drawbacks, respectively:


- You get to keep your child safe at all times.
- You’ll always know where they are.
- It’s easier to find if your child is struggling with any issues.


- Tracking a child’s phone without them knowing isn’t legal in some places.
- Your child will not trust you anymore if they find out.
- You may start to obsess over everything in your child’s life.


Tracking your child’s phone with the Find My features helps you locate a stolen or lost phone, but also keep an eye on your little one’s activity at all times to keep them safe. While it’s useful, you should make sure it’s legal in your jurisdiction and that it doesn’t cause you to become anxious constantly.

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Posted - 05/23/2024