How to Find the Perfect Pre-Settlement Funding Firm in Texas: An Ultimate Guide

There are many accident cases in Texas every year. It is reported that 3,478 people die in car accidents across Texas annually.

With so many accidents, it's no wonder that people are always looking for the best pre-settlement funding firm in Texas.

And if you're one of the unlucky few who've been injured in an accident, you're also looking for a pre-settlement funding firm.

If you're a plaintiff in need of such funding to cover your living and legal expenses while waiting for your case to settle, finding the perfect funding firm can be tricky.

Not all firms are considered equal, and it's essential to work with one that understands your specific needs and has a proven track record of providing fair and timely payouts. Use this guide to find the best Texas pre-settlement funding firm for your needs.

1. Reputation

When considering a pre-settlement funding firm, the first thing you should do is to look into their reputation. You can check online reviews, consult with other attorneys who may have used their services, and look for any Better Business Bureau complaints. If the firm has a good reputation, they're more likely to be fair and honest with you.

You can also check customer testimonials on the firm's website to understand what past clients have thought of their experience.

Another factor to check is how long the firm has been in business. A longer track record usually means the company is more stable and trustworthy. You can also ask the firm about their clients' success rate in getting settlements.

2. Rates

The average effective rate for pre-settlement funding in Texas is between 24% and 40%. The average rate for post-settlement funding is around 15%. Make sure to compare rates from different firms before choosing one.

The best way to find a firm with the lowest rates is to contact them directly and ask for quotes. The quotes may vary based on factors like:

-The type of case you have
-How much money do you need?
-When do you need the money?
-The amount of time the firm thinks it will take to settle your case.

3. Services

You must partner with a firm that offers the services that you need. For instance, some firms might only offer funding for personal injury claims, while others might also provide funding for mass tort and class action lawsuits. Make sure to ask about the types of cases that a potential funder will consider before making your decision.

4. Turnaround Time

Texas has a specific "statute of limitations" limiting an injured patient's right to file a medical malpractice case in court. It states that an injured patient has two years from their injury to file a lawsuit.

It leaves little time for those who have been wronged to receive the money they need and deserve. That's why finding a cash advance lawsuit funding firm is essential to provide you with the money you need quickly.

It helps to ask the firm how long it takes to process applications and get money to their clients. You should also look if the firm charges any upfront fees.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking for a Texas pre-settlement funding firm or other states, the process is relatively the same. The most important thing is researching and picking a reputable company with a good track record.

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Posted - 06/16/2022