Is Your Divorce Attorney Failing to Do Right By You?

With no understanding of how divorce proceedings work, it’s only natural to contact a divorce attorney for help. They can guide you through the legal process and represent your best interests. It’s easy to assume that any divorce attorney you hire to help you will strive for a positive outcome and do right by you. However, that’s not always the case. Some divorce attorneys let their clients down in terrible ways. You might wonder whether you’ve hired the right attorney when you can relate to these signs below:

They Aren’t Great Communicators

When you work with reputable divorce attorneys, like top-notch, internationally-known divorce attorneys from Connecticut’s Freed Marcroft Family Law, you can expect frequent updates to ensure your peace of mind. However, not all divorce lawyers operate that way.
You might question whether you have the right legal professional for your needs if their communication skills are lacking. They might not answer your calls, emails, or texts or avoid questions you ask. You might even find that you’re not as informed about your case as you should be.

There’s a Conflict of Interest

When you choose a divorce attorney to help you through divorce proceedings, you expect them to be on your side. This can mean that all decisions they help you make are in your best interests. Unfortunately, conflicts of interest can sometimes arise, and you suspect that your attorney is representing your spouse or has a personal or professional connection with them. This could compromise their loyalty.

They Always Seem Unprepared

You want your divorce attorney to have all the answers and help you appear strong and competent. Many lawyers are powerhouses in the courtroom, but that can’t be said for all of them. Some divorce lawyers can seem unprepared in many ways.
They might never seem to have everything they need for pre-arranged meetings or court hearings. They might also appear uncertain during negotiations. The very worst of unprepared lawyers might even fail to learn the facts of your case or understand specific divorce laws for your area.

Their Billing Is Excessive

Most couples expect to spend thousands of dollars to help their divorce case reach a successful conclusion. However, they also expect itemized bills from their lawyers detailing what they’re paying for.
You might question your attorney’s behavior if you’ve received a potentially excessive bill with no detailed cost breakdown or have been charged for work you don’t remember authorizing. You have the right to know what you’re paying for.

They Make Unrealistic Promises

Divorce attorneys can be quietly confident about the outcome of your divorce proceedings. Still, they can’t make promises. All they can do is help you assemble a solid case to get the result you hoped for while preparing you for various possible conclusions. If a lawyer promises you’ll get everything you ask for, you can question their ethics and possibly even seek alternative legal help.
Your divorce attorney is supposed to represent you and your best interests, but that doesn’t always happen. If you’ve encountered any of these situations above, it might be time to explore legal help elsewhere. 

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Posted - 10/13/2023