Mistakes to Avoid After a Construction Accident

Construction accident injuries can turn your world upside down. You go to work to make a living and experience an incident that significantly limits your future earning potential. Many people successfully navigate the intricacies of a construction accident claim and are quickly compensated for the incident. However, other people make some of the following mistakes and experience a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

The causes behind most construction accidents aren’t straightforward. Multiple parties may be responsible for your injuries, and several experts can be involved in getting to the bottom of the event and making sure you are financially compensated.

By not hiring a lawyer, you could limit your entitlements. You might even do or say things you shouldn’t, which could be the difference between receiving enough money to cover costs for the injuries or coming up short. Construction accident lawyers are skilled in negotiating with insurance companies and employers on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery.

Not Reporting Your Accident

After being injured in a construction accident, you might not think your injuries are severe enough to report them. You may even continue with work as if nothing had happened. However, if you’ve been involved in an incident and sustained any type of injury, reporting it can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. If your accident causes health issues at a later date, you will have a paper trail of evidence detailing the event that caused it. You might then find it easier to secure the support you require.

Not Seeking Medical Attention

If you do the right thing and report your accident to your employer, it’s essential to follow up with medical attention. Not only can medical professionals rule out or diagnose serious issues, but they can start a paper trail that identifies the injuries you experienced and how they occurred. If you decide to seek legal assistance for a construction accident claim in the future to cover medical costs and other expenses, there will be less of a chance that the cause of your injuries will be disputed.

Communicating with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies exist to provide people with a layer of financial protection when an accident, emergency, or disaster occurs. However, the insurance companies generally don’t want to pay more than the bare minimum.
Refrain from communicating with the insurance company after your accident has occurred, even if it seems like they’re genuinely concerned about you. Many insurance companies seek information from nurses, claim adjusters, investigators, and case managers to pay you less than you’re owed. Instead, let your construction lawyer negotiate with them on your behalf.

Accepting a Settlement Offer Without Your Lawyer’s Input

Insurance companies often want to pay as little as possible, which means they might encourage you to agree to a settlement amount, confirming you’re happy with it. However, your accident might cost you more now and in the future than their proposed settlement will cover, so refrain from accepting settlement offers until you’ve spoken to a lawyer.
Making mistakes is easy when you’ve never been involved in a construction accident. However, if you can avoid making some of the errors above, you might be in a much better position to be adequately compensated for your lost wages, injuries, pain and suffering, and more. 

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Posted - 11/07/2022