New York Construction Accidents: Struggles in Winning a Claim Against a Contractor

Construction accidents can be fatal and have profound financial implications in places like New York. If you are in New York, it is better to hire a good New York City construction accident attorney in case an accident occurs. This is because there are a lot of complications and struggles when dealing with a claim against contractors. Proving a compromised quality of material being used in construction is complex, and it is pertinent to get help from professionals when it comes to winning a claim. However, there are a few common issues when handling a construction claim from a contractor.

Proving a breach of contract

To win a claim against a contractor after an accident, it is essential to show that a contract has been breached. However, it is often difficult to prove to the court that the contractor has gone against the agreement and compromised on the quality and quantity of the good. First, you would need help from a qualified and experienced lawyer to prove that the contractor did not work according to the agreed terms and conditions. Getting this type of claim in your favor is usually time-consuming and might require multiple meetings and hearings. Secondly, Proving that the contract has been breached can be very technical for someone who does not understand the working of the law. People often agree to terms and conditions restricting them from filing a suit for the breach and resorting to arbitration and mediation. Once you have realized that the contractor has not fulfilled his part of the deal, it is better to consult a reasonable attorney and go through the contract before filing for a breach. This minor technicality would help you avoid difficulties in the future.

Cost and time

Construction accidents happen worldwide, but the real challenge is identifying the party at fault which caused the accident. In the US, experienced attorneys and lawyers cost a significant amount of money, somewhere between $100 to $300 per hour. Therefore, many people do not go after the contractors, especially if they are a big firm, because the claimed amount is not lucrative enough, and the cost of proving yourself right in front of the court is very high. A good approach in this scenario, where the expected claim or offense amount is not very high, is recommended that you hire a reasonable lawyer, approach the smaller courts, and try to get a settlement out of the court with the help you’re your lawyer’s negotiations.

Post construction accidents

If the construction accident happens after the contractor has completed the work and closed the project, proving the mistake can be a severe struggle. Often, the quality of the material is compromised, and that aspect is either not covered in the agreement or checked at regular intervals. Therefore, if an accident occurs because of poor quality material after the completion of the project, it would be a challenge for you and your lawyer to prove that the accident was caused because of poor material and not because of mishandling and lack of maintenance.


It is not easy to win a claim against a contractor, and you would need help from an experienced attorney throughout the process. However, this does not mean a suit cannot be filed or won without a good lawyer. Hire a reasonable attorney to avoid difficulties and technicalities. It is also essential to be patient when you have filed a suit for the claim, as these settlements take a lot of time to resolve. Once you have completed all the aspects from your end and have hired an excellent attorney, you should relax and let the professionals do their job.       

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Posted - 11/09/2022