Now you can search bankruptcy records like never before. And it's all free.

BK Data has helped bankruptcy attorneys for over 10 years by providing them the most comprehensive information about their competition that no one else can match. Now, they have made it easy for anyone to access some of that same data in a new, freely searchable database.

Need to find out if someone has filed bankruptcy? With this new service from BK Data, you can search by debtor name and get their full case history. People love how helpful this information is when buying or selling real estate, getting a loan, or even looking for debtors that may need legal representation.

You can try out their new bankruptcy public record lookup tool by visiting and instantly scour through hundreds of thousands of PACER filed cases.

Business Bankruptcy Cases Heat Maps

BK Data has a section dedicated to Chapter 11 bankruptcies ( that will provide more detailed case information than consumer cases. Discover a wealth of information on each filed case including the filing attorney, the judge, the trustee, and much more.

But that's not all! BK Data also provided access to heat maps for all of their business court cases. You can explore concentrations of filings or switch over to the map markers view and see exactly where each case was filed.
You can try it out yourself by visiting

business bankruptcies heatmap

This is a great resource for anyone looking to do research on bankruptcy cases or just interested in learning more about the bankruptcy process.

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Posted - 04/19/2021