Personal Representation in Personal Injury Matters

Personal injury law allows for a person who has been injured to file a civil lawsuit against a person who caused the injury to recover financial compensation for all losses stemming from the accident.

There are many potential sources for personal injury claims, such as:
  • Accidents - including car accidents, motorbike accidents, bicycle accidents and truck accidents, slip and fall incidents, and medical malpractice.
  • Defamation – where one person’s defamatory statement causes harm to another, a personal injury claim may exist.
  • Defective products – product liability lawsuits emanate from instances in which a consumer product, vehicle component, pharmaceutical, medical device, or other product is defective and causes harm to a person.
  • Intentional acts – where a person intentionally performs an act that causes harm to another person, such as assault and battery.

Do you need a lawyer for a personal injury matter?

Personal injury is a specialized area of law. As a result, many law firms only deal with personal injury cases. These firms have vast experience in dealing with all of the related issues and nitty-gritty aspects of this area of the law.
Different states have different approaches to this area of the law, so it is essential to find a lawyer in the area where the accident occurred.

According to a well-known personal injury attorney in Fresno, Jeff Nadrich of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers, “working with a team that understands the area your accident happened in and one which can craft a strategy unique to your needs is essential.” Therefore, it is always a good idea to research who the best personal injury attorney is in your area and choose one you feel good about. The initial consultation will usually be free, after which a contingency fee arrangement will be put in place.

You have nothing to lose. See an attorney.

Who will deal with your personal injury case?

Although most firms indicate that your case will be handled by the high-profile managing partners of the law firm, this is often not the case.

Often your matter will be handed to a paralegal. However, this is not quite the same as having the senior partner deal with your matter. For example, suppose you have a personal injury claim assessed as a sizable monetary claim. In that case, you would do well to get an undertaking from the law firm that the managing partner will personally handle the matter or oversee it on your behalf.

It is acceptable that a paralegal handles the collation of evidence and the time-consuming administrative aspects of the case. Still, a senior partner must oversee the entire process and regularly report back to you.

At your first consultation with your lawyer, be sure to ask the question as to exactly who will be handling your matter. If they are not prepared to commit senior resources to your matter, consider taking it elsewhere.

This will ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves and will prove to be more efficient and thorough in the long run.
When the more senior lawyers deal with your case, they are more likely to be taken seriously in settlement negotiations and in court proceedings.
Fewer mistakes, if any, are likely to be made due to the vast experience of the senior partners.

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Posted - 01/24/2022