Slip and Fall Injury in a Public Place: Who Should Be Liable

Slip and fall injuries can be painful, whether you break a bone when you fall or feel the sprain sneak up on you days later. For as much discomfort as you may experience after a slip and fall injury, finding out who’s liable and proving fault can be just as tricky.

Most states follow premise liability laws, which ensure landowners are responsible for everyone who visits their property. Getting help from experienced slip and fall lawyers can help you determine who’s at fault for your slip and fall and if it’s worth the hassle of filing a claim.

Proving Liability for a Slip and Fall Injury

There are countless reasons you might slip and fall in public. Sometimes you might stumble or lose your balance, meaning the fault is yours. However, someone else is at fault if you slip on a wet floor or trip over broken rocks along a path.

Understanding how a fall can hurt you will give you an idea about the extent of your injuries. If you see a doctor immediately after your fall, they’ll notice any new damage and can treat you. You’ll start to heal while gathering the necessary documentation for your slip and fall case.

Depending on where the accident happens, many parties could be liable. If you’re in a public place, you must determine who owns and leases the property.

Sometimes the city or county government owns the property, even if it’s the site of a strip mall or grocery store. An accident on a public street or sidewalk usually defaults to the government, but some business owners must keep the paths clear of debris. You might find several parties liable depending on the exact occurrence that made you fall.

A slip and fall injury in the parking lot has different liability than an accident that happens in a store, office, or other venues. Construction companies can also cause dangerous situations in public places, so they might be at fault. However, falls in interior public spaces could still happen due to the groundskeepers or cleaning companies.

When To File a Slip and Fall Claim

Just because you slip and fall in a public place doesn’t mean you can sue anyone remotely liable. You need to prove that you experienced injuries from the fall, which requires medical attention. If you fail to see a doctor, or they don’t find any injuries, you don’t have a claim, even if you feel physical pain.

You also have to prove that the dangerous conditions caused your accident. It’s not enough to trip on a board that the person in front of you just broke. You have to prove that the property owner knew about the condition and had time to fix it. If there was an opportunity for them to repair the issue and they didn’t, it counts as negligence, and you have a case.

As soon as you get medical attention for a slip and fall injury, you should contact a lawyer. They’ll ask for information about your accident and try to determine who’s at fault for the dangerous property conditions. At that point, you’ll know if there’s a possibility of a claim and compensation for your medical bills and lost income.

Hire an Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer

Since you’re not guaranteed to file a reliable claim against property owners in the case of a slip and fall injury, you should hire an experienced lawyer. When you give them the details of your accident, they can determine if you have a case worth pursuing.

If the lawyer wants to move forward, they’ll handle the entire claim for you. If necessary, they will talk to the property owner and all involved insurance companies before taking the case to court. A slip and fall lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve for your slip and fall injury in a public place.

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Posted - 02/15/2023