Social Media Marketing Basics For Law Firms

When you’re running a business, a prominent social media presence is one of the most reliable ways to help potential clients find you. In this digital age, people search for services online first to get a grasp of the different options available, and you have to stand out among those choices.

Why Social Media?

It’s the easiest way to put your brand’s name and services on the map. Social media platforms offer a way to create an organic connection with your future clients. Aside from publishing targeted ads, simply being active on social media through posting graphics or videos greatly helps in leading your next client through your doorstep.

1. Creating A Page And Group On Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform at the moment, so it’s smart to use this to your advantage. People tend to seek legal advice from a firm they know and trust. This is why you have to be where they are: to show authority and to build credibility.

Building Your Page

First, you’ll need an eye-catching and appropriate profile and cover photos. Make sure these images clearly represent your services. Second is regular posting. The more posts you have on your page, the more engagements you create. And third is boosting your most popular posts as ads. This is where you’ll have to make monetary investment, even a little, to specify the demographics of your target audiences.

Moderating Your Group

Facebook groups are virtual communities where people with similar interests gather and interact. Once you’ve built a good reputation through your page, having a dedicated group will help you retain your current clients. Furthermore, it will provide a safer space not just for your clients but also for your firm since you can set it as private.
If this seems too overwhelming because it requires extensive time and effort, you may reach out to digital marketing agencies, like Array Law, which specializes in boosting the growth of law firms.

2. Launching An Instagram Account

Who says Instagram is just for aesthetic photos? Having an Instagram account, along with your Facebook page, is convenient since they can be set in sync. What you post on one platform can be instantly posted to the other simultaneously. It saves time; plus, it might double your target audience reach.

Utilizing Hashtags

Before jumping into ads, the simplest way to attract more followers who may be potential clients is to efficiently use ‘#hashtags.’ Hashtags work like keywords for SEO, so make sure they are relevant. Some of the sample hashtags you may use are: ‘#legaladvice,’ ‘#legalservices,’ and simply ‘#lawfirm.’

Uploading Reels Or Short Videos

This is the latest feature on Instagram that works like clips on Tiktok and YouTube shorts. These short informative clips can be a marketing hack if created wisely. The digital world is fast-paced, and the general population most likely prefers watching short videos than reading a full-length blog. It’s beneficial on both ends in terms of accessibility.

3. Stepping Into Twitter

Twitter is a platform you can use for instant updates. Allowing only limited characters per tweet, it pushes every post to be as concise as possible. Through tweeting regularly as a law firm, your brand can slowly be imprinted in the back of people’s minds. Even if they don’t need your services at present, there might come a time when they’ll need legal advice. And when they do need it, they’ll know where to reach out.

Linking Blog Posts

Although Twitter draws a limit in terms of words, it works well in linking blog posts on your website. If your tweet is about a problem that needs legal action, lead them to an article that provides a solution. Not only does it generate potential leads, but it also increases the traffic on your website.

4. Building A LinkedIn Profile

The best way to establish professional connections is through LinkedIn. It’s highly efficient in driving industry-specific discussions and engagements. These links that you continuously build will widen your reach and amplify your brand voice.

Setting Up Your Profile

This is where you show off the expertise of your team. LinkedIn does not only support brands as a whole but also the individual professionals within such brands. Moreover, everyone can take part in boosting posts for organic reach.

Posting Long-Form Content

Unlike the other social media platforms where written content is limited, LinkedIn allows blog-like contents. Since it targets individuals in the professional field, it’s wise to provide informational content that triggers further discussions.

Enhance Your Marketing Potential Now

Time is always running, and you don’t want to be at the end of the race. Expanding your presence on multiple social media platforms is one of the best marketing strategies that would make your law firm stand out among the most trusted ones.

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Posted - 12/16/2021