The Advantages of Hiring an Attorney for an Austin Truck Accident Claim

Austin, the capital of Texas and the tenth-most populous city in the US, has plenty of things to see and do. The Blanton Museum of Art for the art aficionados, the Ziker Metropolitan Park for anyone who likes a relaxing stroll, and the historic Texas Capitol. The list of things to see in Austin goes on and on.

Sadly, Austin also has its share of truck accidents. These need special attention as the potential for catastrophic injury or fatalities is very high in truck accidents.

As they are serious, victims should consider hiring a truck accident attorney in Austin. The services these legal professionals offer are invaluable. This is what this article is all about. It discusses how the assistance of a lawyer is advantageous in a truck accident claim. Read on.

Expertise in determining liability

Finding the liable party in a truck accident is a tricky affair. That’s because there is more than one liable party. The liable party must have owed you a duty of care. Duty of care is the first of four elements of personal injury law.

The usual at-fault party in a truck accident is the driver. In addition to the driver, the following parties may be responsible for the accident:
- The trucking company
- The cargo loader
- The truck manufacturer
- The manufacturer of a spare part
- The auto mechanic who serviced the truck
- A government entity responsible for road maintenance

Each potential liable party has their own set of challenges. A lawyer is useful here, as they know how to establish liability. The path to a truck accident claim becomes clear once the liable party is finalized.

Assistance in calculating compensation

Preparing an estimate for the losses and damages the victim suffers is another important component of a truck accident claim.

Victims of truck accident claims can claim two types of damages. They are:
Economic damages
- Medical expenses (future and present)
- Loss of income (future and present)
- Property damage
- Assistive services

Non-economic damage
- Pain and suffering
- Emotional distress
- Loss of consortium
- Loss of enjoyment of life

It is important to take all the above-mentioned damages into consideration before arriving at the final amount.

This step becomes super easy with the assistance of a lawyer. The final number the lawyer delivers will include all the damages and losses the victim has suffered and will suffer in the future. The number will include an extra amount, offering some room for negotiation.

Handling insurance adjusters

Insurance adjusters are hired by the insurance company to investigate claims and close them as quickly as possible. The offer they make will not be sufficient for all the losses the victim suffers.

To convince the victim, the insurance adjuster will
- Shift the blame on the victim and tell them that their offer is all they deserve
- Delay the claim on purpose
- Stalk the victim on social media
- Try to sneak a statement from the victim to misinterpret

A lawyer is the perfect counter to the insurance adjuster. They know what to say and do to prevent the insurance adjuster from harassing the victim.

Skilled negotiation

Settlement negotiation is one of the final parts of a truck accident claim.

In this stage, a truck accident lawyer will negotiate hard for the victim. They reject the pathetic counteroffers the insurance company makes and are assertive in getting their points across. Their skill in negotiation ensures victims get fair compensation for the damages and losses they have suffered.

Representation in court

When talks for settlement fail, the next step is to file a lawsuit.

In this stage, the lawyer will represent the victim in court, presenting the gathered evidence before the judge and jury. They will also make effective opening and closing statements to convince the jury that the requested settlement is fair.

Final Thoughts

Handling a truck accident without legal assistance can be an arduous task.

With the expertise of a seasoned truck accident lawyer, acquiring fair compensation becomes easy. Most lawyers even work on a contingency fee basis, allowing victims who don’t have the finances to get quality legal representation.

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Posted - 01/24/2024