The Ultimate Guide to Car Accidents and Ways to Seek Compensation

The events following a severe car crash can be messy, like insurance claims, lawsuits, etc. Good car accident attorneys discuss the extent of these tasks on their website, giving insight into the legal process following a car accident. This is why it is crucial to hire a good car accident lawyer.

This is a guide to car accidents and how to seek compensation if you find yourself in one.

Car Accident Statistics

Car accident statistics are terrifying and shocking because people get in their cars every day, usually multiple times a day. In 2020, over 35,000 people died in car accidents, and over 1,590,000 received injuries from a wreck.

Many things contribute to car crash statistics, from drunk driving to vehicle problems to driving distractions. Even the best drivers can find themselves at the mercy of a reckless or drunk driver. Impaired, usually drunk, drivers accounted for over 13,500 fatalities in 2020. More than 11,250 of 2020’s fatalities were caused by speeding.

While it’s easy to convince yourself that you are a cautious driver and will likely not be in a car crash, 77% of US drivers and motorists experience at least one accident in their lifetime.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Now that you know how common car accidents are, let’s look at the likely causes of a car wreck. Below are the top causes of most car accidents in the US:
- Distracted driving
- Drunk driving
- Driving while impaired
- Speeding
- Running red lights
- Running stop signs
- Reckless driving
- Driving while tired
- Poor weather conditions
- Aggressive driving
- Poor road conditions
- Vehicle defects

As you can see, many of the causes come from human error. However, several are out of the driver’s control. This is why even the most careful drivers can be in a bad situation.

Common Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Car manufacturers have come a long way in ensuring passenger and driver safety. Seatbelts, airbags, and other safety features have decreased the likelihood of severe injuries in a car crash but haven’t come close to eliminating them.

Millions of people in the US receive traumatic injuries from car crashes that require medical attention, causing them financial, physical, and emotional distress. Below are the most common and most severe types of injuries caused by car crashes:
- Traumatic brain injuries
- Spinal cord injuries/paralysis
- Back injuries
- Burns
- Internal injuries
- Fractures and broken bones
- Disfigurement
- Scars
- Limb loss
- Neck injuries and whiplash
- Knee injuries
- Shoulder injuries
- Foot and ankle injuries
- Wrist and hand injuries
- Road rash and bruising

Many of these injuries cause permanent problems for people, such as lost wages and decreased quality of life.

What to Do Following a Car Accident

Knowing what to do after a traumatic car accident can be difficult, as your mind is often racing and panicked. Below is a summary of the steps to take after a car wreck:
1, Check yourself for injuries as well as others involved in the crash. Seek immediate medical assistance whether or not you have visible injuries.
2. Contact the police and take photos or videos of the crash scene.
3. Collect the other driver’s information and witness contact details and statements.
4. Notify your insurance company.
5. Reach out to experienced car accident attorneys to seek compensation.

Damages and Compensation

Below are the types of damages you can seek compensation for:

Medical expenses

- Ambulance bill
- Health facility stays
- In-home care
- Surgeries
- Medication and prescriptions
- Prosthetics
- Rehabilitation
- Doctor appointments
- Cognitive therapy
- Physical therapy

Property damage

Loss of consortium

Lost wages

Necessary household services

- Childcare
- House cleaning
- Gardener

Wrongful death

Pain and suffering

Dealing With the Aftermath of a Car Accident

Car accidents can be life-altering in many ways. If you were in a terrible accident and were not at fault, you’re entitled to compensation for your difficulties and suffering; don’t hesitate to take action.

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Posted - 03/17/2023