Things to Know About Personal Injury Litigation

Accidents do not come with forewarning, and in moments like these, you realize how vulnerable you are and how complicated life can get. The situation becomes more overwhelming when you endure pain and suffering due to another party's negligence.

While seeking medical attention can drain your pockets, the legal aspects are complex to deal with single-handedly. 

That’s where experienced personal injury attorneys can assist you in navigating smoothly through all the stages of your lawsuit. The lawyers at Scura Law Firm recommend knowing the basics of personal injury litigation before looking for legal representation.

What is Personal Injury Litigation?

After an injury, you have a lot to grapple with. It includes lost income, medical expenses, and emotional stress. Personal injury litigation allows you to go to civil court and get a legal solution for the damages emanating from your accident. 

The purpose of personal injury laws is to enable you to get compensated financially after suffering from injuries because of the other person’s carelessness. With a brilliant lawyer on your side, you can get the monetary compensation that’s sufficient to help you return to the position you were in before the accident.

Standard Working Principles

Though not all personal injury lawsuits follow the same path, there are a few general steps that most cases share.
If you incur losses from an accident that are more than the small claims court limits, you can talk to a personal injury attorney.

The attorney will file and serve the complaint in line with the statute of limitations. The case then proceeds to the pre-trial litigation stage, where both sides' legal teams engage in evidence discovery and arbitration.

In case of trial, the jury will determine whether the defendant is at fault for the accident. And if so, then how much the accused has to pay you in damages.

Personal Injury Litigations Go Beyond Car Accidents

Car collisions are the most common personal injury cases. However, these laws apply for any instance in which you sustain injuries due to the other entity’s intentional conduct or ignorance.

The personal injury litigations include a wide variety of cases such as premises liability, slips and fall injuries, medical malpractices and pedestrian accidents. An experienced attorney will have extensive trial experience in all areas of personal injury, guaranteeing you the best possible remunerations.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The insurance company ideally tries saving their client money and thus aims to devalue your claims. The final remunerations are far from what is required for you to be "made whole."

A personal injury lawyer will aggressively fight them, proving that your losses are real.

Statute of Limitations

If you wish to sue the other party for your injuries, you can do it within a stipulated timeline.

For instance, in New Jersey, adults get two years to file the lawsuit from the date of injury. In the case of lawsuits against public entities, an adult must file a Notice of Tort Claim within 90 days of the occurrence.

The repercussions of any personal injury can be devastating. With the right legal team representing you, you can rest assured that you have the best opportunity to win adequate compensations covering your physical and financial perils.

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Posted - 10/16/2020