Tips to Maximize Personal Injury Compensation

When you’ve been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you want the most compensation you can possibly get. After all, you have medical bills, recovery costs, and other expenses related to the injury that someone has to cover. Part of making a full recovery from your injury is getting maximum compensation and hiring a personal injury lawyer is the first step toward maximizing your settlement. Here are other tips to get everything you deserve.

Preserve Evidence

There’s a reason why criminals do everything they can to get rid of evidence when they’ve committed a crime and it’s because without it, juries won’t convict them. Similarly, if you don’t have evidence to prove another party was at fault for your injury, you won’t be able to settle and if you go to court, a jury is less likely to decide in your favor. No matter what type of accident you’ve had, whether it’s a car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, or even a rideshare accident or a bus accident, make sure all evidence is carefully preserved.

Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you think your injuries are minor, get a medical examination and professional opinion. Something that seems minor at the time, when your adrenaline is flowing, could actually be a severe injury that could impact your quality of life for years to come. If your doctor recommends a treatment plan, be sure to follow it to the letter so that he or she can measure your progress and predict how long it will take before you’re fully recovered. This matters in determining your compensation.

Don’t Settle Too Early

When the medical bills start coming in, it can be tempting to want to accept anything the insurance company or other party offers. But, you could be devaluing your claim and once you accept an offer, you won’t get any more money. Keep in mind that the first offer is usually very low and the insurance company expects you to decline it. If you accept it, they celebrate. If you don’t, they will almost certainly come back with a larger offer.

Value Your Claim Correctly

Valuing your personal injury claim is tricky. It’s not just the amount of medical bills you have and it’s more than just reimbursing you for those bills. Yes, paying your medical bills is part of what a settlement should cover, but it should also provide funds for missed work, future missed work, loss of potential, property damage, and sometimes, even pain and suffering. In a wrongful death situation, there are even more expenses to calculate to compensate you for your loss, even though that’s an impossible task.

If you’re not sure about how much your compensation should be, consulting with a personal injury lawyer can give you a ballpark figure. They have experts who can calculate how much money you’re already out from the accident and how much money you expect to be out in the future.

Don’t Wait

There are time limits to any personal injury case and that clock starts ticking immediately. A lawyer will ensure you don’t miss any deadlines, which can cause you to lose out on maximum compensation. In fact, you might not get any award at all if you don’t file in a timely manner.


Attempting to settle a personal injury case on your own is extremely challenging when it comes to getting the maximum amount of compensation possible. Hiring a lawyer increases your chances of being awarded everything you deserve to help you recover from your injuries.

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Posted - 05/22/2023