What are the Most Common Types of Workers' Compensation Cases?

When you are at work, you probably do everything in your power to avoid being injured. However, injuries at work are so common that anyone can find themselves suffering an injury and having to deal with it, sometimes worrying about losing their job. If you have been injured at work, you may need a consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta to understand your rights and get the compensation you deserve.
During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to explain your case to your lawyer and get the legal guidance you need. Workers’ comp cases are very common, and if you read on, you can discover which ones are the most frequent.

Exposure to Toxic Substances

Some industries require that workers come into contact with toxic substances on a regular basis. These may be caustic materials, high-grade cleaners, or toxic chemicals and minerals. Workers in these environments must be careful to wear protective gear at all times; otherwise, they run the risk of becoming ill.


Being near flammable chemicals, hot surfaces, or open flames, can easily lead to workers suffering from burns. These may be first-degree burns that heal quickly, but they can quickly escalate to third-degree burns, leading to months of missed work or life-changing consequences. Burnt workers may suffer permanent disabilities.


Working in construction or industrial settings places workers at serious risk of suffering electrocution. Even though it is very important that only licensed and trained electricians work on wiring and electrical issues, other workers might end up doing these jobs or could wander near live wires without being aware of it. Injuries caused by live wires can be painful and long-lasting.

Struck by Falling Objects

Almost all professions carry the risk of being struck by falling objects. Even safe work environments like offices can have employees being struck by a falling filing cabinet. However, construction workers tend to be the ones to suffer the most from these types of injuries, which can also result in death.

Accidents With Vehicles or Machinery

Some industries require their workers to drive company vehicles as part of their job; in others, workers drive different kinds of machinery. In either case, workers can get into crashes and suffer injuries. When heavy machinery or industrial equipment is used, workers who have not been properly trained may cause injury to themselves and others around them.

Slip and Fall Accidents

It is not uncommon for workers to slip and fall, injuring themselves when there is loose carpeting, debris on the floor, slick tiles, different floor heights, loose railings in staircases, and other hazards on the floor. Employers need to put strict policies in place regarding upkeep and cleaning of the work areas to prevent the possibility of someone getting injured.


Many industries and work settings are associated with overexertion. And when workers attempt to push themselves too far, this results in them twisting a joint, pulling a muscle, tearing a ligament, or causing other types of injuries to themselves. Some actions as simple as attempting to lift heavy boxes may result in the worker injuring their backs and taking time off work to heal.

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Posted - 06/01/2022