What Makes a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers specialize in tort law, helping injured victims get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. However, not all personal injury lawyers are created equal, and with 50,963 personal injury law firms in the US as of 2023, there are many to choose from. Here are some essential qualities when choosing a personal injury attorney:

Experience and Specialization in Personal Injury Law

Get help from a personal injury attorney who specializes solely in personal injury law and has extensive experience handling your specific type of case. All lawyers study for seven years before taking the bar exam, but this is only the beginning.
An experienced personal injury lawyer will know the ins and outs of tort law, be familiar with local courts and judges, and have a good track record negotiating settlements and winning jury trials. They will also have relationships with medical experts who can evaluate and testify regarding your injuries and prognosis. Only personal injury lawyers who practice several types of law or take on a few cases can give your case the focus it deserves. Many personal injury attorneys working for large law firms work 66 hours a week or more, which reflects a heavy caseload.

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Should Have Resources and Staff Support

If you consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer, they will have substantial financial resources and a talented support staff. This allows them to investigate your claim thoroughly, hire experts if needed, and go the distance through a lengthy trial if necessary. Small firms with limited resources may not be able to provide the backing your case needs to win adequate compensation. Make sure the firm has investigators, paralegals, administrative support, and other staff available.

Your Personal Injury Should Have a Good Reputation

The reputation of a personal injury lawyer provides insight into their ethics, success rate, and client satisfaction. While motor vehicle cases typically have a 61% success rate, others do not. Research online for client reviews and ask the personal injury attorney for references from past clients. Find a personal injury lawyer known for getting clients fair and total compensation, not just quick settlements. Beware of personal injury attorneys with a reputation for being dishonest or not advocating fully for the client.

Get a Personal Injury Lawyer with Strong Negotiation and Trial Skills

While most – around 95% - injury claims settle out of court, you need a personal injury attorney adept at negotiations to get you the fairest settlement possible. If a reasonable settlement can't be reached, they should have courtroom and trial experience, as a personal injury trial requires specific skills and knowledge.
Ask about their comfort level and success rate, going to trial when necessary. These abilities often result in larger settlements, too, simply because the insurance company knows they're dealing with a personal injury attorney who won't hesitate to try the case if needed.

Seek a Personal Injury Attorney with Empathy and High Responsiveness

In addition to all their competencies, a genuinely great personal injury lawyer is there for you as a caring advocate throughout your case. They listen attentively, respond promptly to calls and emails, keep you updated on developments, explain confusing legal issues in simple terms, and do everything they can to ease difficulties you face due to your injury and dispute. While it's a business relationship, the best personal injury lawyers show genuine compassion and interest.

Research your options thoroughly, ask questions, and choose someone who truly cares.

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Posted - 03/28/2024