Why Some Lawyers Represent Families in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death lawsuits happen far too often. When they do, you likely have a grieving family, and they’re struggling. Maybe they miss the deceased individual very much, but they also need the cash they brought in during their life. Perhaps that money supported this family.

Some lawyers like taking on these cases, as strange as that may sound. We will explain why right now.

They Want Justice for Families

Wrongful death lawsuits aren’t easy. The individuals who remain behind after their loved one’s death must go on in some way. Maybe they feel they’ve experienced a crushing blow, and they’ll never fully recover.

When they seek a lawyer’s help, they may need that attorney’s strength. The lawyers who do personal injury cases, and wrongful death cases, in particular, may have the resolve this family needs. They may enjoy taking on that role.

This lawyer may do these cases because they also know a family member or friend who passed away because of some person or entity’s negligence or egregious behavior. They may have empathy. They know this family wants justice, and this lawyer represents a port in a storm for them.

They can go after the person or entity who thinks they can get away with their behavior. If they try lowballing the family with an insulting settlement offer, the lawyer can tell them they should hold out and get more after a jury’s verdict.

These lawyers usually know they have a great weight this grieving family puts on them. Many of them accept it willingly. They feel that when they get this family their money, and they get their heartfelt thanks in return, they’re making a real difference, and they like that.

They Know They’ll Gain Notoriety This Way

Some lawyers also know that wrongful death cases get a lot of press. If someone dies in a noteworthy way, the lawyer might step up and represent the grieving family because they know they will get some local and even national news coverage.

Those might not sound like a noble intention, but that’s okay. The lawyer knows that if they do their job well and they win this case, they will get their picture in newspapers and on TV. They will have microphones in their face everywhere they go, and they can get TV soundbites on the news for weeks or even months.

They might picture a scenario like a John Grisham courtroom novel where they can accuse the defendant and break them down on the witness stand. These cases don’t usually achieve this highly dramatic status, but sometimes they do.

These lawyers can get money from these cases, but they can also spread their fame far and wide. The next time someone has a wrongful death case, they will seek out this same lawyer who they saw on TV and who got a grieving family a hefty settlement offer or a favorable jury verdict.

There’s Abundant Work

Unfortunately, wrongful death cases happen all the time. Companies make products and don’t test them enough. They get these items onto store shelves knowing they might harm someone, and they end up in a courtroom staring down a civil lawsuit.

Drunk drivers hit pedestrians, and careless gun owners shoot people when they’re out hunting. Dog owners let their vicious pit bulls off the leash, and they kill children. The list goes on and on.

If a lawyer gets into the personal injury field, they might take on many different cases, but wrongful death cases have higher profiles, and they’re usually worth more money in the end. If the lawyer can force a settlement from the defendant, or they go through the trial and get a favorable jury decision, the lawyer can get thousands or millions of dollars in some cases.

These paydays can keep a law firm afloat. If a law firm wins just one or two wrongful death cases per year, it can remain solvent. A lawyer can get 30-40% of the settlement amount or the damages the jury awards the plaintiff.

They Can Balance the Scales

These lawyers may also feel they’re drawing a line in the sand that prevents someone from getting away with their unsavory or downright malicious actions. If someone kills someone else through negligence, or a company does it, that’s tragic, but some people act in ways that they know can kill someone, and they simply don’t care.

These companies and individuals go through life, and they think they can do whatever they wish without repercussions. Maybe they do that because they’re exceedingly wealthy or entitled. They may have depraved indifference about human life.

Whatever the case, these lawyers might think they’re justice warriors stopping these awful behaviors. They might think if they can set a better example, the next company or individual might rethink the actions that caused this tragedy.

Maybe the lawyers have the right idea, or perhaps they misjudge their own worth. You can’t deny they make a real difference in the world, though, and ultimately, that might fuel them.

What You Can Do About a Wrongful Death in Your Family

If you have a wrongful death situation in your family or you suspect you have a case where you can bring a lawsuit against a person or entity for their actions or inaction, you can hire one of these lawyers. You should find one who has taken on these cases in the past and who boasts an excellent success record.

They can handle all the lawsuit’s most complex aspects, and they can comfort you when you need it the most. If they can get you money, you might think they have balanced the scales, and you can start feeling some closure.

You’ll never have the deceased person back again, but you can at least use that money in various practical ways. You can pay rent with it, buy groceries, put a child through college, buy new appliances, or take any other appropriate action.   

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Posted - 03/02/2023