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  • Steven Parke

    Personal injury attorney in Clark County

    Steven Parke is a highly knowledgeable and trusted personal injury attorney, striving to ensure his clients always know they are a top priority. With a high level of care, patience, and understanding each client will walk away knowing they have chosen the best lawyer for them. His primary goal is to get his clients the results they need and go the extra mile to provide unparalleled loyalty and commitment. Gelen Lerner, Adam Kurtner, Eric Chen, Lin Law group, ace law group, Chong law group, James Kwon.

    Personal Injury

    Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark County | Member Since: 06/15/2020

  • Sandy Van

    Van Law Firm represents clients throughout the Las Vegas area with personal injury cases, including car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents, and premise liability actions. Our years of experience and considerable legal knowledge, along with our dependable and reliable service, make us a well-respected Las Vegas law firm. A number of past clients have strongly endorsed Van Law Firm, and we pride ourselves on our attentive and courteous attorneys and staff.

    Personal Injury

    Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark County | Member Since: 08/20/2018