Legal Services Link's Bar Partnership Program

Matthew Horn, Lawyer and Legal Services Link co-founder, speaking at the National Conference of Bar Presidents Annual Meeting

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If you can dream it, we can do it.
The goals and initiatives of Legal Services Link are perfectly aligned with your association, and our mission is to create a unique, association-specific offering to further your association’s mission. With our turn-key platform, we can immediately advance the following initiatives on behalf of your association, your members, and the public served by your association and members:

Full spectrum client development – We are improving client development efforts across the board by seamlessly connecting those with legal needs with attorneys interested in fulfilling those needs – in real-time and at the click of a button.

Young attorney initiatives – We are assisting young attorneys without a significant referral network or marketing budget, helping them to inexpensively build a client base and maintain profitable practices.

Cost effective solo and small firm client development – We are providing a solution for solo and small firm practitioners to improve client development quickly and inexpensively.

Diversity initiatives – We are knocking down the barriers to diversity in the legal industry by allowing attorneys of all race, gender, sexual orientation, and age to connect with clients they otherwise never would have been in touch with.

Improved legal referral services – We are overhauling and advancing referral service centers, improving the efficiency of connecting those with legal needs with attorneys interested in fulfilling their needs, while at the same time, reducing the hassle and expense associated with operating referral service centers.

Closing the justice gap – We are furthering pro bono and modest means initiatives, eliminating the barriers faced by pro bono and modest means clients and attorneys interested in helping those clients when trying to connect, effectively closing the justice gap and increasing pro bono hours by attorneys.

Public relations – We are being featured in some of the most widely circulated and respected legal periodicals promoting our partnerships, including the ABA Journal and state-specific outlets.

Enhanced association and member exposure – We are increasing association and member exposure, creating additional avenues by which those with legal needs find your association and your members.

Direct offerings and benefits to your association can include:

Increased revenue - We will pay your association a portion of all revenue generated from your members and market, including advertising revenue.

Discounted member benefits – Your members will receive a significant discount off all paid offerings.

Increased exposure for your association – We will build a co-branded website which will supplement your current website, creating additional, online exposure and functionality. Additionally, we will reach out to all major news outlets and periodicals in your market to promote your association’s efforts.

Increased exposure for your members – Each of your members will have their own profile page with their own vanity URL incorporating their name, creating additional online exposure.

Increased membership – We will help your association attract new members and keep current members by ensuring that your members get more clients using our co-branded, association-specific website.

Increased infrastructure – Our full-service PR, marketing, and development teams will customize and implement an operating plan to fit your association’s ongoing needs and goals.

Current Partners 
State Bar of Arizona Military Spouse JD Network MothersEsquire Virgin Islands


State Bar of Arizona Wins Statewide Award for Online Tool that Connects Consumers to Lawyers Directly

The State Bar of Arizona has been selected to receive the Excellence in External Affairs Award for its Find-a-Lawyer program.

"Find-a-Lawyer has become an incredible resource for Arizona consumers who need legal help," said John F. Phelps, State Bar CEO. "It takes the fear and mystery out of the process and leaves the consumer in charge. We’ve seen some people post their legal need and have as many as ten attorneys respond."

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Connecting Clients With Attorneys: Find-a-Lawyer Aids Law Practice, Access to Justice

Enter the new State Bar of Arizona Find-a- Lawyer. It’s a safe and easy way for clients and attorneys to connect. It launched on May 1, and so far it’s attracting plenty of consumers who are looking for an easier way to find legal help.

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State Bar Launches Find-a-Lawyer Platform to Help Connect Public with Lawyers

"We've created Find-a-Lawyer to improve the ability for people in Arizona to access justice, said John Phelps, CEO and Executive Director of the State Bar of Arizona. "This new platform will make it easier for consumers to find the right legal services at the right price. It will also help attorneys connect with clients all over Arizona," he added.

"The Find-a-Lawyer platform was created in partnership with Legal Services Link to help the State Bar of Arizona support its vision of ensuring that Arizona residents have access to legal services."

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AZStateBar Find-a-Lawyer portal takes aim at legal services gap

"A first of its kind, the Find-a-Lawyer website allows consumers to control the process of finding and hiring an attorney through a safe and reliable platform. Find-a-Lawyer is accessible through smartphones, tablets and desktop computers via to find legal help in three easy steps"

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New York Times

Legal Services Link and its bar partnership program were recently featured in The New York Times, which had his to say about the site and the program:

"State bar associations have so many requests for lawyer aid that some are seeking to move beyond offering lawyer referral lists and considering online platforms."

"While state bar associations offer lawyer referral lists, a recent study, "Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States," found they were not working well."

"To hasten delivery of legal services, the bar association is taking several measures, including partnering with Legal Services Link to better help those who either represent themselves or go without legal advice."

ABA Journal

Partnership Makes Practice Easier for Lawyers Who Have Military Spouses

"Legal Services Link is a platform that will seem familiar to anyone who’s used Thumbtack or TaskRabbit to find a handyman or a plumber. The site lets potential clients post their legal needs—what sort of help they seek, where they’re located and how much that they hope to spend. Then the lawyers who have paid to register with Legal Services Link can respond, offering their services. Legal Services Link also provides attorneys free listings in its lawyer directory."

LegalTech News

Legal Tech Looks to Bar Associations to Connect Attorneys & Clients

"State and local bar associations have historically been the primary go-to source for companies looking to building inroads to attorneys; they also tend to be about as tech-savvy as your average grandparent. But just as Grandma has been warming up to that iPad she got for her birthday, bar associations, too, have started to warm to the idea of bringing technologists and their products into the fold."

"While bar associations may not all agree on the exact type and extent of the technology they need, most do agree that it's likely to be an important part of their future and are taking steps to connect their members to new tools and services."